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Yes.  Such a little word, but oh so powerful. During the course of the day our spoken and written dialogues contain so many yes and no expressions.  I was thinking the other day how much more energy and negativity is attached to, "No" when sometimes, "Yes, let me look into that" would open so man...
 Sometimes we need a boost in our real estate marketing endeavors.  The National Association of Realtors offers an excellent avenue for re-charging your information batteries or directing potential buyers to a site to cement their commitment to the real estate process.  The resource?  NAR's publi...
My London colleague, Nick Churton, with Mayfair International, recently reflected on the latest interest rate news from the UK on his blog, London Calling.   I received permission to re-blog this fun piece where he compares present times with interest rates in the Year 1694.  Nick comments on the...
While a new year brings retrospection of the past twelve months and thoughts of what tomorrow may bring, right now I am reflecting on this moment.  This fantastically beautiful, sun-filled moment seated in my office just a coconut roll away from the ocean.   I finished a hard day's work doing exa...
As 2008 comes to a close, the Florida Association of Realtors reported that existing home sales in Florida rose for the third month in a row in November.  Fort Lauderdale enjoyed a 26 percent increase over the number of homes sold during November of 2007.  Mind you, the median home sales price fe...

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