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Summerlin Real Estate Stats in the 89135 Zip Code Yesterday, I was searching for some higher end Summerlin properties in the 89135 zip code for a client when I noticed an interesting trend that has popped up. I'm not really go into detail on that since it is speculation. What I do know is Summerl...
From Jim and Maria Hart in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. This is the time of year that is really tough when you are in the Military and a couple of thousand miles away from friends and family. This Veteran's day... honor those that have served and keep the ones that are currently serving ...
History Of Veterans Day - November 11th So have you wondered why Veterans day is always on November 11th with no accounting for what day of the week it falls on?  Why not on Monday like most other holidays? Here is a short History Of Veterans Day.  Go back to 1918 when an armistice or cessation o...
  Servicers Can Make More Money Foreclosing then Short Selling a Property A great post by Pacita Dimacali with a collection of very valuable links for consumers (and real estate agents not familiar with the ins and outs of a short sale) to read over that will help explain some issues going on wit...
From Reuters reporting on a Wall St. Journal article "Goldman Sachs is in talks to buy millions of dollars of tax credits from government-controlled mortgage giant Fannie Mae, but the deal is running into opposition from the U.S. Treasury, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday." "Tax credits ar...
Weak Dollar sends Oil Skyrocketing In case nobody has been catching the recent surge in the cost of the Barrel of Oil: From the New York Times "But they say the most important factor is the falling value of the dollar, which is encouraging traders, institutions and foreign countries to invest the...
  Just Released Report for your Weekend Reading Tarp Oversight Report Criticizes Administrations Loan Modifications Program Interesting Report by the Congressional Panel that oversees the government’s financial bailout plan that was of course... released on a Friday. Read the 168 Page Report Here...
Foreclosures Are Never Easy I've had plenty of experience including personal experience of what happens when business slows, investments go sour, income declines and all of a sudden you need to re-structure your expenses. If you are like Millions of other Americans.. your mortgage may be worth fa...
I went to a restaurant last week with high prices and low quality food. I heard that they just raised their prices and I'm thinking about going back... Ok... first of all.. I'm pretty happy with our representatives in Nevada... or maybe it's just the system in place courtesy of the Nevada Constit...
Las Vegas Short Sales - Tales of Agony and Ecstasy AGONY I certainly love any and all offers on my properties for sale but the amount of offers incomplete and far below current market value with what is currently taking place in the Las Vegas real estate market is obviously an attempt of trying t...

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