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How about a little marketing to get your day off to the right start? As a Virtual Assistant, my goal is to help you achieve your goals. Want to grow your business? Come along for the ride as I provide practical tips and suggestions to help you do just that!
So, I've got news!  I want to brag on myself for a minute.  heheheI have been accepted as a columnist at!  I'm really excited to announce that I am the new Cleveland Telecommuting Examiner!What I'll be focusing my writing on is anything that has to do with working from home, telecomm...
Do You Have "The Touch"?Not touched in the head.  Not "touch me in the morning." (Remember that song by Dianna Ross?)  THE Touch.  And, as a real estate professional, do you realize that you have this special power - "The Touch"?  Have you used "The Touch" lately?Now, your special power does not ...
Let's Talk About... Holiday MarketingOn Your Mark...Although most of you are probably thinking you've got plenty of time to get started on your holiday marketing, I beg to differ!  It may just be the beginning of October but Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will be here before you can blink...
October Newsletter Topic:  Holiday MarketingMy October newsletter is heading out the door (the computer door, that is!).  Tomorrow is the day and if you're not on my mailing list, you're going to miss it!This month, I'm discussing marketing during the holidays, unique holiday marketing ideas, and...
Can the CannedIf you've got a drip marketing campaign in place (and, lets face it - I know ALL of you do!), then you are probably sending out pre-written postcards and letters to your prospects, clients, SOI, and past clients.These letters and postcards were probably generic enough for you to use...
Oh, To Be Young and Easy!Late nights at the club...  Breakfast at 3 a.m....  Mini-mini skirts...  Hot guys...  And nights filled with - Wait!  That's not the "young and easy" I meant.  (Must be my head playing tricks on me.  My brain talks with a mind of its own sometimes.) I was actually talking...
September Newsletter Topic:  Leads, Listings and the Art of Social Media MarketingMy September newsletter is heading out the door (the computer door, that is!).  Tomorrow is the day and if you're not on my mailing list, you're going to miss it! This month, I'm discussing marketing to your leads, ...
Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)!I have a son who turned 15 this year.  For those of you who are parents, isn't it funny how fast they grow up?  I mean, one night, I was sitting on my living room floor playing Scrabble with my mother while my husband slept upstairs.  The next morning, I went i...
All In Favor of Year-Round School, Raise Your Hand!That sounds just awful, doesn't it?  That I want my children to be in school all year long?  But the sad, sad fact is that I do.At the end of last school year, I remember thinking, "Thank you, Lord, for summer vacation!  No more homework.  No mor...
Has Life Gotten In Your Way? Have you ever been forced to be away from something you love against your will?  You know that feeling of wanting to get back to it as soon as possible?  That's how I've felt for the last 9 months. We all know the expression "Life sometimes gets in the way."  Well, in...

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