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How about a little marketing to get your day off to the right start? As a Virtual Assistant, my goal is to help you achieve your goals. Want to grow your business? Come along for the ride as I provide practical tips and suggestions to help you do just that!
Just the Facts, Ma'am and Sir! Wrong Answer! A rule-of-thumb that I try to stick to when blogging is to reciprocate comments. What does that mean? Well, whenever someone comments on one of my blog posts on ActiveRain, I try to reciprocate by going to their blog and commenting on at least one of t...
Family is Everything - Birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese    Our family is large - there are 16 people in our immediate family. That means, we have lots of birthdays around here. As a result, we have lots and lots of birthday parties. Now, other than the 7 adults, we have essentially created 2 groups o...
Tuesday Tech Tip: Pagemodo Have you heard about Pagemodo? It's an app that allows you to make your social media marketing even more user-friendly than it already is. What can you do with Pagemodo? Well, here's a few things: Easily change your cover photo for Facebook and more. Create tabs for you...
Marketing Tip Monday: Check Out Every LeadSo many leads, so little time (right?). The leads are coming in hot from all over the place, like: Craig's List Signs MLS Top Producer Lead Street Market Leader Real Pro The quick response from most agents when it comes to leads is to contact them immedia...
Marketing Your Business: Lead Management 101Do you know what to do with your leads? Are you doing anything with your leads? Well, in this series, we'll talk about ways to manage your leads. Some of the things we will discuss include:Drip e-mail campaigns -  This is a very cost-effective method to...
Wordless Wednesday:  Cleveland Botanical Gardens - Yoga "Tree" Position   ~RenaeP.S. If you need a Virtual Assistant who knows how to help you keep your family a priority, let's talk about it. Lead Management, Listing Coordination, and Social Media Marketing are my true loves. (But don't tell my ...
Tuesday Tech Tip: eFax Have you heard of eFax? Let me tell you a little about how those in the real estate industry can use eFax. Virtual Faxing - send and receive faxes that actually go to an e-mail address. That means, wherever you are, as long as you have Internet access, you can access those ...
Family is Everything - A First Camping Trip   If you know me, you already know that I'm a mom of 6. (Don't be alarmed - they all have the same mom and dad!) We have 5 boys and our one and only daughter. Here she is above with the same look coming and going on her very first camping trip. Sarai is...
Social Media Mistakes & Fixes: Don't Be NaiveSocial Media Mistake: I'm a friendly person. Many of you who have previously read or subscribed to my blog know this about me. I love to be social and I love social media because it gives me that opportunity to be social. One of my big social media mis...
Social Media Mistakes & Fixes: Too Much, Too SoonSocial Media Mistake: You know when you start something new? That feeling you get of how great it is so you want more, More, MORE! Well, that's how I was when I started out in social media. I wanted it all. It was so fabulous a marketing avenue to ...

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