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We have seen this pricing method in almost every aspect of marketing. Product pricing ending in 99 cents, gasoline ending in 9/10ths, and housing at $ XXX,900. All of this in an effort to make the price “look” more affordable. Is it fooling anyone? Well, yes. Maybe you! Let’s take a moment to thi...
I have been reading the blog posts on ActiveRain for a few years now. There many great posts about our industry in general and items that allow the reader to think of issues in a different perspective. Lots of really insightful information. However, there are so many posts that seem to be just ve...
Simple: Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse! (that should cover it for today!)
Many homeowners are looking to renting their current property in order to make a move. We must all keep in mind that this may not be as simple as it seems. Our Clients need to be informed of the potential risks involved. Most homeowners carry a mortgage that is intended for their primary residenc...
  To all of my fellow Realtors out there, here is a bit of a wake-up call. If you are using a free email service such as AOL, Yahoo! and any other that places ads at the bottom of your emails, you may not be getting through to your intended recipient!   SPAM is a huge issue for internet users the...
Who else is wasting cell phone minutes with these calls from places trying to sell us leads? I am getting 2 or 3 calls a day lately. I guess they feel that we are desparate in this market.Anyway, here's what they do. They throw up some web site that allows internet searchers look for properties i...
As many of you know, it is getting harder and harder to get financing on a mobile home. It is now at the point that the most likely way is with an FHA Insured Loan. Here are a few things to know and to look for before listing;            If the home has been moved from it's original put-down site...
Buying a home is a big decision and a personal one. You need the right person to find a home that suits your needs. So you've decided to buy a home. Purchasing real estate is a complex and major transaction with many details to be handled.  Depending on the laws in your state and the business arr...

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