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Selling Homes in Fredericksburg, Stafford, & Spotyslvania Virginia Areas.
I was sitting around the other day trying to get all my stuff together for another round with the "tax guy"  When I started to wonder with all these houses that are currently owned by the bank.  County and State taxes are going to be coming due here shortly and I was wondering are they going to b...
I love waking up and seeing that one of your recent postings has put you over the top on a great milestone.  Today I woke up with over 30,000 points.  I love to use these milestone as a point where I look back at all the information that I learned while being here on Active Rain.  I would like to...
If I get one more phone call from some crazy company trying to sell me leads I am going to scream.  I think I have heard every line out there about how great their company is and how many extra leads they have in my zip code and how they are dieing to partner up with me and make me their exclusiv...
Educating the buyer before making any offer. You would think that this is a pretty standard practice.  Well today a co-worker and  I were talking.  Well he was yelling and I was listening - we vent that way.  Both of us work REO properties and enjoy every minute of it.  Well last week he got a co...
With the days on the Market going through the roof on most of the listings out there - Why are people trying to manipulate the system to reset these days?  Does it really make a difference?  The MLS service here in VA is trying to crack down on a blatant manipulation of this service, so I am have...
I just got done watching one of my favorite shows - Survivor - I love this show.  To me this is how people truly are to get ahead.  These people competed daily to win prizes and food, but when it came down to it - they lied and cheated with each other just to get ahead.  Well tonight I watched a ...
My wife and I decided the other day that we start our quest for another rental property.  Having been working with a local bank for the last few months, I have seen quite a very good deals go by that I thought would make a great rental.  Well, I have worked out the numbers with the mind set that ...
I made my first contact with a bank today going over the list of things that they would need, in order to start a short sale on one of their loans.  Well after going over this long list of things that she would need from my client, she stated that she would also need a hardship letter explaining ...
Have to love those 3 hour classes - I have been through this class before but tonight I felt like I learned alot.  One thing that really caught my attention was when the instructed talked about this business being SELF REGULATING.   I never really thought of it this way.  We don't really have any...
I have only been on active rain for a couple of months now and we have grown as a group by leaps and bounds.  When I started out here on active rain we were in the low 50,000's and here we are today with 61,095.  I think we should run a little contest to see who can guess the closest to where we ...


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Selling Homes in Fredericksburg, Stafford, & Spotyslvania Virginia Areas.