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  (Flickr photo by viking 79) When I mentioned to a friend of mine that a closing had gone well and on schedule a couple of weeks ago, he quipped, “Where are we going to lunch tomorrow?” In his mind, receiving that commission check was, understandably, like getting a bonus. His is a belief that ...
When my recent posts on the auction of six condos in a new development called m127, at 127 Madison Avenue, generated a record number of page views on my blog, I was struck by an irony. What hit me – ouch! – was the difference between the number of people who registered to bid for the apartments, ...
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says it now will pump up its activities to combat housing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender  individuals and families (LGBT). New guidance treats gender identity discrimination most often faced by transgender perso...
  3 Hanover Square Bidders will have the opportunity on July 29 to win an apartment at the city’s estate auction of five co-ops and a condo ranging from the Financial District all the way up to Washington Heights. Manhattan Public Administrator Ethel J. Griffin will seek to dispose of the proper...
When I was a broker in D.C. , Maryland and Virginia, I refused to search listings, make appointments and load buyers into my car to show them properties unless they signed an exclusive agreement for me to represent them. Call me arrogant, but I wouldn’t even show them property in one of those th...
Humboldt Spotted Lily (Photo by Jon Siess) Nearly as rare as a Humboldt Spotted Lily is the city dweller who doesn’t yearn for outside space. More often than not, it is garden space that buyers crave, a chance to dig into friable earth, raise a crop of juicy tomatoes and impress neighbors with a...
The headline words “jump,” “rebound,” “normal” and “healing” have just surfaced about second-quarter reports for Manhattan released in the last 24 hours. While it is true that the statistics don’t lie, they do represent a snapshot of history and they don’t reveal month-to-month changes in the ho...
Alan Chesterman, CEO It is hardly a secret that many consumers think of us brokers as thieves, liars and assorted other unsavory characters. But spies? Alas, it seems that we’ll have to contend with that false appellation as well, thanks to the arrest of 11 alleged Russian spies. I’ve written be...

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