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I am seriously struggling this Mother's Day. It is officially the morning of and I still can not muster up a gift, a tribute, or idea of what I should do for my mom on the official Mother's Day.... You see in my life right now EVERYDAY is Mother's Day....   Back in 2007 when I was pregnant with m...
I am sure you have heard the news that mortgage approval has become difficult in today's real estate market. If you bought a home prior to 2007, when mortgages were given to just about anyone with a pulse and a credit score then getting a mortgage in today's real estate market will seem difficult...
Many first time buyers in Virginia have asked me this question, "Are closing costs the same as down payments?" In this week's video tip your FHA Mortgage Lender explains down payments and closing costs when buying a home in Woodbridge, VA If unable to view the video click here. No Closing Costs
In this week's video tip Woodbridge Mortgage Lender answers the question from a first time buyer using a FHA Loan "If I'm having an Appraisal done why do I need a Home Inspection?" (Watch for a suprise at the 50 second mark....)  
This is exactly what my Veteran Home Loan buyer in Virginia is saying since their closing last week. Veteran Home Loans have features and benefits unlike any other loan program (rightfully so). In this week's VA Loan Tip we share how to get the seller to pay off your car to buy their home. Subscr...
When does a  mortgage refinance make financial sense for Virgina Homeowners? A mortgage refinance makes sense where your goals and overall plan for your home meet in the middle. Every persons financial situation is different but typically a mortgage refinance can be good for homeowners looking to...
HARP is the acronym for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. This refinance is for homeowners in Virginia that are underwater. HARP was first started in March 2009 but recently President Obama updated the program to help more underwater homeowners.   Here is a short video to explain how to reci...
Have an egg-ceptional Holiday!      Check out our new Timeline Happy Easter!
As a FHA Mortgage Lender I have come to the conclusion that buyers do not want a mortgage. What they do want is a place to create memories, security, stability, or maybe to start a family. Hey first time buyers let's not put the cart before the horse. Unless you can pay cash a mortgage loan is a ...
 I had a call from a client that wanted to purchase a home with a Veteran Home Loan. After review of the credit report, the income to debt ratios (the numbers we use to actually caclculate buying power) were too high for VA Loan Approval based on the prospective property. But the wife had just "f...

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