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You want to buy a home. There's no question it makes sense as an excellent long term investment that's going to be far cheaper than renting. Yet you still harbor concerns over what hidden costs may lie ahead.Unexpected major repairs, such as total air conditioning failure at the height of summer,...
Figures published today by the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors (GAAR) show just what a great start to the year our area real estate market has made!594 homes were sold in the Albuquerque metro area in January, a 10.61% increase on the same month last year.While pending listings were 6...
Pricing your home right is, as we have emphasized many times before, one of the most crucial aspects of successfully selling a home.Whether you're a buyer or a seller, it's very important to consider what makes the home you want to buy/sell stand out from the crowd, when evaluating its true marke...
When setting out financial plans for your future, it makes huge sense to consider options that will allow you to earn passive income - in other words sources of regular personal income that require little effort to maintain them. This naturally becomes even more important as the retirement years ...
As we have often demonstrated in these blogs, not all REALTORS® are cut from the same cloth and you really do need to closely examine what they can actually offer you in your home sale and/or purchase. Click here for a list of what a top class realtor will do for you.A recurring theme in our arti...
 Since 2009, the average monthly mortgage principal and interest costs have fallen below average rental rates.Indeed the gap today is wider than it has been at any time in the past 22 years.This means it's probably a better time than ever to consider stop working so hard for your money and to beg...
With energy bills becoming even more expensive, the importance of energy efficiency has grown exponentially, as a key component of many home buyer's wish lists.​This is indeed part of a global trend. In Britain, for example, every home that comes onto the market is required to have its "carbon fo...
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​If there is one single piece of advice we always like to give to all prospective buyers it is, quite simply, to get pre-approved for home finance.There are so many benefits to this approach.Crucially, you are going to be very taken seriously by any seller as you are demonstrating your ability to...
No one would say that the current turbulence in stock markets is a good thing, however this has given rise to a fresh wave of risk aversion that is undeniably benefiting home buyers and sellers right now.This is the fifth straight week that we have seen falls in mortgage rates, which are now near...

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