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 There are many parts of a Garage Insurance Program. For example, Garagekeepers’ coverage provides financial protection for loss or damage to a customers’ vehicle while it is in your possession. You may ask: Why do I need this type of coverage? You should have this because if you or an employee d...
Here are 5 simple ways to save money on Pest Management Services' Insurance! Combine multiple lines of insurance (General Liability, Business Auto, Property Coverage, etc) all with one company to generate discounts Examine the savings from carrying higher deductibles Risk Management - look at ris...
Condo Docs are not as confusing as they might appear. In many cases your local insurance agent can interpret them for you! Condominium associations usually have questions when it comes to insurance and would appreciate simple, but correct answers. Condo associations, in Mass, help direct their un...
Purchasing auto insurance in Quincy, Mass can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 when speaking with a local insurance agent. AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc located in Quincy, Ma simplifies the entire process of purchasing car and home insurance. After we find you the right coverage at the best price our w...
   Auto Body Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Tire Dealers, Service Stations, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Auto Equipment Installations (stereos, starters, alarms, etc), Quick Lube Shops, Convenience Stores with Gasoline Sales, & Auto Glass Installers. We, AJ Marchionne Insurance Agency Inc, offer insurance ...
Liability Insurance, Property Ins., Umbrella Ins, Business Auto Ins, Directors and Officers Liability Ins, Pollution Liability Ins (for Pesticides), Care Custody and Control Liability Ins; AJ Marchionne Insurance will personally help you choose which types of insurance are right for your extermin...
Condominium Association Insurance aka Master Policy Insurance can be simplified for anyone to understand! We service many of our clients within Massachusetts from 2 unit complexes to 50 + unit associations. AJ Marchionne Insurance offers the most competitive rates since we are a local independent...
Pest Control Services (PCS) Insurance in MA is finally offered by admitted carrier! Having an admitted carrier generates many perks! Most important to many, the cost of your exterminator liability insurance is going to decrease or appear discounted. Second, the coverage for your pest management i...
When it comes to Garage Insurance, AJ Marchionne Insurance, in Quincy, MA is the company that can do it all! Whether you own or operate an Auto Service Station, Auto Repair Shop, or Gas Station with or without minimarts we can take care of you. We offer specialized insurance programs for all of t...
Are you paying too much for your business insurance?? Has the cost of your exterminator liability insurance increased annually, yet you've never had a liability claim? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you have found the right blog! AJ Marchionne Insurance represents the best Pest...

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