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Information and news about Sarasota, Florida real estate including Siesta Key, Lido Key, Longboat Key, Bird Key, Casey Key and Lakewood Ranch.
By: Marc Rasmussen - Sarasota FL real estate Think you have found a great home buyer? Working with a good home buyer is like hitting a great shot in golf. You might hit 9 bad shots but that one great shot keeps you playing the game. The same goes for the real estate business. You might work with ...
Are you looking to really annoy your Realtor? Here are 5 surefire ways to really get under their skin. 1) Demand on seeing homes only after hours and on weekends. Despite what you may think most Realtors really prefer to live a normal life and work normal hours. You are sure to annoy your Realto...
Have you had your home on the market for awhile with little activity? Are the showings happening less and less frequently? You may be a home seller that is out of touch with the market. 1) You have the best house - Despite all of your competition. Despite all of the other great homes on the marke...
An agent who works with me fired a client yesterday. She had been working with these folks since 2008 and had shown them property a couple of times whenever they were in town. That is two years! Congrats to my agent for staying in touch for so long. She deserves a round of applause just for that...
"Should I buy now?" "Are we at the bottom?" "Will I get a better deal later?" "Should I buy a foreclosure?" "Will interest rates rise?" These are pretty common questions from today's home buyers. No one knows with certainty what will happen with the real estate market. There are too many variable...
A client of mine recently went under contract with Gibraltar Homes to build them a home in the Country Club East section of Lakewood Ranch. About 2 weeks ago I escorted my buyers to all of the models in the Country Club East and Lakewood Ranch Country Club. I was amazed at the activity out there...
I am a Realtor in Sarasota, Florida and speak to potential home buyers almost every single day. It gives me a good measure of the pulse of the Sarasota Florida real estate buyers out there. I am fortunate to hear all of the motivations, stories and backgrounds of the people who will own property ...
Are you looking to generate more traffic to your real estate website? How do you know what phrases to target? What phrases generate the most searches? Google Keyword tool is a useful tool to see what people are searching for as well as get ideas on other phrases to target. Here is a cropped scree...
  The price of a home, like other things, is determined by supply and demand. It is important to monitor the number of properties for sale as well as the total number of sales. This measured supply and demand. If supplies are high and demand is low prices fall (2006-2010) and as supplies are low...
1) "Can you give us a tour of the area?" This one really irks most Realtors. Despite what you might think, most do not want to play tour guide. For the most part people are conscientious of a Realtor’s time. However, some expect to be picked up at their hotel and toured around the area by the ag...

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