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Amy says it better than I can.  It's time to get off the fence.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?  Thanks to Amy Hahn for this timely message.Not all Fences were made for sitting....Take the fence below for instance.  This is called a Sand Beach Fence.  It is meant to help prevent dune erosion and to a...
Sometimes when a buyer or seller tell me they're done, I just accept that and move on.   I know better than that.  Sometimes they need me to show them the right direction, give them some more information, help them think things through.  Before I give up, I should explore every possible option. ...
I keep seeing blogs that say "don't do business with friends."  My business would not survive if everybody had that mentality.  I live in a small town on a little island.  I am a friendly, involved person with a few close friends and many good friends.  Today I have 25 active listings in our MLS...
We've all heard, "The devil is in the details."  Well, Amy says it a little differently in this very good blog about all the little things any seller should attend to before putting a house on the market. I try to pretend like I'm selling my home all the time because those details make living eas...
Does your vocabulary need an overhaul? Do you use the same words too often?  I do.  Everything is "Awesome".  And there are "Lots" of things around me.  Those are my two most overused words.  I am making a commitment right now to pay attention to the words I use. My awesome incredible, brilliant ...
Maybe you need an "attitude adjustment!"I did. I have always thought of myself as a positive person with a totally optimistic attitude.  I think I'm expert at making lemonade from lemons and snow cream from snow.  I'm one of those glass half full people. HONEST!!A recent string of frustrating eve...
It's just puppy love! Introducing Kirby.    Kirby is our new Jack Russell puppy.  He's called a rough coat Jack Russell Terrier which means his hair is longer than other Jack Russell Terriers.    The number one requirement for this puppy to stay in the Goetzinger home, was that he be compatible w...
Easy Recipe for Snow Cream On that magical day when you wake up to snow, put the largest mixing bowl you own out on the porch or deck right away to catch clean snow. I recommend you do NOT scoop up snow where the puppy pees.     If you're married to a "northerner" he/she may scoff at this entire ...

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