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Online socializing, it's addictive and fun for all of us... Use it to your advantage! I took a year off and just came back to real estate. I missed it! I love it and I'm never leaving again! I was a little worried about starting back into it, but I had some prior clients who had been calling me, ...
Hi everyone! I have a homeowner who wants someone to manage his rental home in Dearborn, MI. He's interested in a company that would be able to handle and maintenance issues, even if it's in the middle of the night. Any recommendations?
Hi! Looking for one for a client purchasing a home in Warren, MI. Any recommendations? Thanks!
The gist:You choose between the gas card + $0-$3000 in rebates (depending on car) OR the standard rebates ranging from $0-$5500 (depending on car).You get to keep the lease loyalty and any bonus rebates. And the employee or friend and family discount.But, in the end most people will choose to sav...
I haven't logged on in awhile, so sitting at my Open House, I thought it'd be a good time to play catch up and read some blogs and post some while I was at it.It's currently 9 degrees in Michigan and it's freezing cold, especially with the wind blowing at hurricane force! Ok, I'm exaggerating, bu...
I have been using the new mapquest like crazy!You can plot up to 10 locations, then rearrange their order so you can plan your showing routes better! It allows you to call your showing appointments in with a better gage of the time.I print a copy for myself and for my clients. There's a notebox w...
Through a grant from Macy's and Fox 2, 108 local libraries have free passes to museums!I just had to share this and let everyone take advantage of this great offer! Especially with Christmas Break coming around the corner!  The new Museum Adventure Pass can be checked out of the library just like...
Let's Give Thanks to Our Troops! The above link will take you to a website that will send a printed card to a soldier stationed overseas. Take a minute to show your appreciation. I have had many friends and my brother serve overseas. And I know every piece of mail cheered them up and made them fe...
Hi!Here's some important information that I thought I'd share with you. Brent told me it was okay to repost in my blog. I have found that if no other Lender can do it- Brent can. He is always up to date with all of the lending changes. So when he sends an email titled "Extremely Important Lending...
I've never seen that before... LOL... Everyone enjoy the snow! Go sledding! Make snow angels and snowmen! Warm up with some hot chocolate! Read a book! Spend some time indoors with your loved ones! Stay warm! =)

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