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Home and houses, time and money, family, friends and loved ones; bettering your spaces, and the community at large. Ideas and solutions to help you make good plans, and wise decisions so you can get on with-ENJOYING-your life.
FAQs: "When Can I See Your Portfolio?" Faithful readers know this series is about snappy answers to questions everyone asks, or thinks about asking. Today's post is an epic departure, for two reasons. First-this question hasn't actually come up before the other day, AND I didn't have an answer h...
Regular readers know I am a big baseball fan, but I had never heard of MLB umpire Jim Joyce before summer of 2010...then in an unlikely confluence of events, he burst into probably all our consciousnesses. Doug and I had attended a high school lacrosse game that evening. It was a spirited rivalry...
Facts have never been as intriguing to me as people, and their personal experience has. I am a curious person, and understanding another's circumstances fully paints a more complete and memorable picture. For several years now Doug has wanted to see the WWII vintage planes at the traveling Wings ...
A few days ago had started writing about a project I've been watching, and was now going to be participating in. The 1950s ranch house at 64 Holbrooke Road in White Plains has been transformed into an eco-friendly model of green building, and is going for Gold LEED certification, I'm helping styl...
Over the winter of 2009-20010 homeowner Gerry Angel paid about $1000.00 per month to heat her 1850 square-foot ranch. This coming winter she's thinking around $100.00 a month for her newly re-designed, now 2900 square foot house. Maybe. Today starts a mini-series about a local project that is ver...
In the 80s and 90s, there was little talk of how someone "felt" when they were buying things and doing stuff to their house. Everything was about the visual. People spoke, and thought in singular, visionary words: stunning, gorgeous, elegant. Then feelings entered the picture again....tentatively...
An individual's right to vote is held very dearly by The Refreshed Home...who also decries anyone who wants to mess with that. ANYONE. Are you registered to vote? As we journey through the last weeks of summer, November seems oh-so-far-away. But anyone who treasures this right needs to be more c...
Welcome back to FAQs-the series where the specialty is snappy answers to your most burning questions on home decor, and home selling. "SO-what's WRONG with my wallpaper??" is a big, big question these days. And the short answer is usually nothing is wrong with your wallpaper...per se. But this i...
Unwanted Piano? Read-and SHARE!-This   Many possessions are difficult to part with, but having another place where said possessions can go and be loved and utilized often eases the distress . Unwanted pianos though are notoriously difficult to adopt-out. They are big, and difficult to move; often...
In sales, many believe objections are just unanswered questions. And that repeated questions about the same topic aren't really about that topic, they point to other issues that have not been addressed. As a fairly analytical person myself, I get that, and believe that. For the most part. "HOME" ...

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