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Home and houses, time and money, family, friends and loved ones; bettering your spaces, and the community at large. Ideas and solutions to help you make good plans, and wise decisions so you can get on with-ENJOYING-your life.
If 'a picture is worth a thousand words'...a good listing photo is worth ten-trilion-zillion thousand words. Maybe more. REALLY. Listing photos are the number one tool homeowners, buyers, and their agents have. They work silently, and for free, 24/7....but whether they are working for you, or ag...
Melky Cabrera was awarded the MVP trophy at the conclusion of last night's Major League Baseball All-Star game. Safe to say it's the current high point of of his professional life, perhaps even his personal one. Drafted by the Yankees at 17, he played his way up through the farm system, debuting ...
Last Year I wrote a post called Raise Your Hand If You've Never Worked With A Stager (then asked you to please tell me why)  It got a lot of attention, and some surprising answers. Roughly one third of you who responded had never worked with a Home Stager simply because there wasn't one near them...
FAQs is a series that gives quick and simple answers to the questions I hear the most often (click here to read others) Love this question. In my years of retail, lack of transparency in the cost structure of working with a private Decorator was the #1 complaint I heard from my clients. In creati...
FAQs is an on-going series that answers the questions I hear most often. USUALLY in 4oo words or less, but this is really a two-fer, so loosening up on that part. Last post asked why buyers don't use their imaginations- got some really good feedback from you guys, and it's a great segue to this n...
Welcome back to FAQs, an on-going series that answers the questions I hear most, in 400 words or less. This question/protest comes up whenever a seller does not like, or does not want to do what I recommend to help get their hosue sold.  And it's probably the quickest and easiest question to answ...
(Fill in the noun) for Dummies has been one of the most successful franchises in publishing history. Since the inaugural DOS for Dummies launched in 1991, there are over 250 million of the the trademark yellow and black softcover books in print 1800+ titles, in 30 languages. The self-deprecating ...
FAQs is an ongoing-series that revisits, and answers questions I hear most often, in 400 words or less (click here to read others) At face value, Decorating and Staging are visual entities. But trust this Westchester County Home Stager and Decorator: they deal with a lot more intangibles than yo...
Westchester County NY: FIREWORKS and The Bensen-Scott Big Band July 3rd Kensico Dam Plaza Music under the summertime skies was one of my earliest and fondest memories of childhood summers. Being serenaded while stretched out on a blanket at Nelson Park, looking up at the stars, fireflies blinking...
Word of the Week: COMPELLING There are so many effective words out there to choose from, but like our favorite jeans, out of habit, we can just keep reaching for the same ones over and over again. Word of the Week series is not about overly scholarly, out of reach, or unfamiliar words; it's about...

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