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Home Stager - Owner, The Refreshed Home White Plains NY
Home and houses, time and money, family, friends and loved ones; bettering your spaces, and the community at large. Ideas and solutions to help you make good plans, and wise decisions so you can get on with-ENJOYING-your life.
Last year at this time once a seller was in contract, they easily had 60, 90 or more days to firm up their next steps. NOW-lenders who've loosened their Vulcan Death-Grip on funding, interest rates advancing, and the built up demand from the past few years of limbo have all helped turn the trickl...
In David Mamet's gritty classic Glengarry Glen Ross, the air was ripe with the scent of desperation (yes, even in the movie theaters, or at home with NetFlix!) Audiences would tense and twist as one, seeing the sales pitch coming a mile away. The old borax hard-selling spiels (think time shares,...
  Originally published in September 2012, updated for 2013 Many Labor Days ago (before everything was online) I remember reading an op-ed piece in the NYT, exploring why Labor Day would make a better New Years Day. Don't ask me where my keys are, but this article from 20 +/- years ago really hit ...
Ahhhh...September! Always full of opportunity, of new beginnings, new challenges, new avenues to explore, even new resolutions(!!), it's 2/3 of the way through the calendar year, *PERFECT* for focusing on new FAQs! So yes, with all the rest of what a Loan Officer in Westchester County does, why d...
We need to sell...we know the house needs some help, but there's no money for Staging...can you help us? I make my living as a Home Stager, via my for-profit business, so this question might seem like a no-brainer. But (like any other community) Real Estate has its own culture and dialect; so ch...
Hear that tick-tick-tick? YUP, it's Summer 2013 winding down. In May, the promise of summer stretched out in front of us, as bright as the sun, and as far as they eye could see. But now, with only three weeks til Labor Day, you may be inclined to rue the days passed, and start making resolutions ...
Color surrounds us. It drives, soothes, influences, intrigues and inspires us. It also intimidates the heck out of us when presented in the form of a paint fan, or a wall of fabric swatches. Coloring Your World is a series that works its way around the color wheel, looking at the history and psy...
...or bathing suits in January, and Santa in September. Simply, we get bored. Our impatient inner three-year old is easily distracted, always looking past what current and right in front of us, certain something newer, shinier, and more fun is just around the corner. And as much as our outward a...
Yes, it's true! You know him, you love him.... Inman News has announced their list of National Finalists for 2013 People's Choice Innovator of the Year, Phil Faranda, Owner Broker of JPhilp Real Estate in Briarcliff Manor NY is on that list. Besides being a smart and forward-thinking broker, Phi...
Welcome back to FAQs: answers to today's most pertinent questions about Home Staging and Interior Decorating, The Refreshed Home-style! Yes, why WOULD a seller go through the bother of Staging their Westchester County house in a seller's market? In a word: TERMS. The rationale for putting time an...

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