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Home Stager - Owner, The Refreshed Home White Plains NY
Home and houses, time and money, family, friends and loved ones; bettering your spaces, and the community at large. Ideas and solutions to help you make good plans, and wise decisions so you can get on with-ENJOYING-your life.
You know that annoying feeling when you can't find that piece of paper on your desk, or that favorite pair of jeans you want to  wear? What about if you couldn't find your desk...your closet...your home, your family pet or most cruelly, a loved one? Devastation is the word we've all been hearing...
  Growing up, gifts were purchased, and came with pretty paper and bows. No one ever thinks of, or saw what their parents do as a gift. It's time and life that adds perspective and poignancy. Even though I lost my mother at a young age, I see it every day, when I look at her wedding ring, on my ...
Words matter, and the right one is priceless. Have written about 'Staging' (vs 'preparing'- several times, in fact), but today let's re-think 'de-personalize'. 'What do you know about Home Staging?' is how I start out my Home Staging classes. 'De-personalize' usually come up right away. Asking w...
FAQs are usually a one-shot topic: a quick answer to a single question, but renting furniture for preparing a Westchester County property for sale has several facets, so in this first (of three) we will address WHY consider renting, even if you already have furniture. Two truisms about Home Stag...
" When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' " While I don't remember watching Mr. Rogers as a child, thanks to social media, these now-familiar words have comforted, and given focus, ...
Welcome back to FAQs, the series where quick and specific answers to your most-asked questions about Interior Decorating and Home Staging are the house specialty. Selling your Westchester County house, coop or condo? Questions about renting things to make your property look its best have probably...
What's New in My Staging Kit?   OK, I know it's been a while-I've been very busy!-but here's what's new in my Staging Kit that will absolutely put money in your pocket. According to the just-released National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Buyer's Home Feature Preferences, garages are HU...
"How much do you charge?"--I can see, and read the thought bubbles over a potential new clients' head, as we exchange initial pleasantries. "What does Staging cost?"--asks the agent who I've met about 5.8 seconds earlier. It's a fair and important question...but not necessarily a simple one. Prep...
Feeling bound by 'things' in our lives is a relatively new phenomenon. It was only 1981 when George Carlin first performed his oddly prophetic routine on "Stuff". Quite comedic at the time, turned out  it framed the buying orgies of the 80s and 90s perfectly, but became less funny as Boomers star...
Preparing a property for sale is a very personal experience, there is not one absolute standard. It's a collection of decisions that correlate to your needs, goals, and expectations. Further complicating things-most everything you hold dear in this world is on the table: Family, your values and r...

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