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We can search the Web and see our words.  It's what excites us ... our words ... our thoughts ... our very personal contribution to that massive, ethereal world of expression. Blogging is right-now, in-your-face communication.  Its immediacy is obvious, feedback and all.  We have little patience...
I was driving up the road today enjoying the seasonal views, which in the Hudson Valley means enhanced views of the mountains ... so much so that you have no doubt you are in a valley.  In Cornwall, they seem to encircle you; you get the feeling that you are in one big bowl!  To provide enough w...
Sandy Shores tagged me for this meme.  Sandy has a knack for writing those "right on target" posts, chock full of helpful information.  I've learned a lot from Sandy, especially about real estate investing, so I am more than happy to comply. Here are the guidelines: 1. Grab the nearest book.2. Op...
Stigma remains even in America.  As a result, social and research support are not what they could be.  It's okay to talk about HIV/AIDS.  In fact, not doing so has lead to its spread in our country and around the world.  Additional information is now available for bloggers to unite for World AIDS...
If you look at the post I reblogged yesterday you can see we launched a new book. C Tann-Starr took the initiative to share the info with the AR community (thanks again).  Today (and I probably should have done this a few days ago...) I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes info on our bo...
Lots of work to do removing gazillions of leaves before snow falls and they haven't finished dancing off the branches yet.  Sometimes we make it in time and sometimes we do not.  It's a much more enjoyable spring when we do!  That sight of wet leaves peeking through melting snow or crocuses, pok...
2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day.  Participate in a Blogging Call to Action on December 1st. and the National Institute on Drug Abuse are partnering with Blog Catalog to host "Bloggers Unite for AIDS."  This event is an opporutnity to write about HIV/AIDS to promote pub...
  Thank you Sandy Shores for tagging me!  It is indeed an honor, coming from such a committed and professional Realtor. There are many reasons I love our profession.  The most meaningful have little to do with the business aspects of real estate.  They are, however, what keeps my heart and soul ...
Yes, you can sell your home now.  How?   Price It Right Prepare It to Sell Please Call a Realtor How do you price it right?   Look at homes currently on the market in your neighborhood as well as those recently sold.   For how much did they sell, and for how much are they being offered?   How do ...
Hi folks. My good friend and fellow ActiveRainer, Margaret Rome, is getting close to launching her first book "Real Estate the Right Rome Way". I'm sure most of you know Margaret but if not....stop over and check out her profile. Margaret and I joined AR at just about the same time, July of 2006....

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