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  How busy is the Benicia Home Rental Market?   The Benicia Home Rental Market is so busy that, at Delgado Property Management, we have run into a multitude of situations in which a home is rented before another potential renter who wanted the same home can react and then the second potential ren...
Dear Listing Agent, 1.     I believe you that it is common amongst Listing Agents to "give" each other photos of homes for listing purposes as a matter of courtesy and convenience. 2.   I completely understand that you are now listing for sale a home that we have been managing so that we now sha...
  Benicia Waterfront Benicia's attractive location can be attributed to many different things beyond our Benicia Waterfront.  Convenient driving distance to San Francisco to the west and Sacramento to the east is one point of attraction.  Great weather is another attractive feature.    Yet, it is...
Benicia Yacht Club and Marina I'll be the first to admit that I am no sailor.  In my twenties I had a roomate that owned a catamoran and we did go sailing on weekends, though our form of sailing generally involved a BBQ attached to the railing and an adult refreshment or two.    However, limited ...
  Benicia Rental Homes Yes, we have invested time and resources into developing a strong internet presence for Benicia Rental Homes.  This is evidenced by "Googling," "Binging" or any other method of searching the internet and finding us well-positioned with multiple sites pointing back towards o...
Can you find me tenants just like the last ones?    The other day, a Vallejo Property Management client that we had done a placement-only for a few years back called.  We hadn't heard from him in quite a while and now we found out why.  The tenants that we had placed for him worked out great and ...
The Benicia home rental market is changing We have noted several changes in the Benicia rental home market lately.  Overall, the market is still strong with both a high demand and also a steady supply of new inventory.   Conventional wisdom is that the buying/selling market and the rental market ...
Benicia Home Rentals are HOT! We had a client contact us today suggesting that the rental market has slowed down.  This observation was made based upon counting the number of listings on our website on two days a couple of weeks apart and noting that the count had only come down by one. He was co...
Even if you don't understand SEO, you need to understand Visual   Yes, visual, as in "seeing or pertaining to site."     We all scratch our heads and try to comprehend the latest Google Panda or Koala Bear or whatever it's called now and figure out how to get to the highly sought-after "Page 1." ...
This is where you want to spend your Sunday afternoon This past weekend, while shooting our newest listings for Delgado Property Management, I shot a home with a great backyard.  It's not that the yard was huge but it was very comfortable and just made your spirits soar.  I could imagine living i...

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