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  A couple of weeks ago, in a post titled A Father's pride I shared a personal story of victory in writing about my son overcoming a fear and proving to himself that, yes, he can improve and do things that he thought he couldn't.   Today I have the joy of following up, and maybe even bragging a b...
Another rental in (almost) 48 hours! As we've just reported earlier today... Another view rents in just 48 hours   Although I must be starting to sound repetitive, I just don't get tired of reporting that we rented ANOTHER property in (this time just over) 48 hours after having listed it in Benic...
Benicia Property Management Blogs April 2013   April marked Delgado Property Management's return to blogging after a six-month hiatus.  It was hard to believe that the absence was so long.  Although I do strongly believe that blogging is a great way to not only build business through strengthenin...
  Just a few days ago we wrote a post titled... This view rented 48 hours after being listed! Well, here we are again, reporting on another home/view that rented just 48 hours after being listed in Benicia Property Management.  This time the view and home look like this...                        ...
  Business is business and all is well in Benicia Property Management   In the world of Benicia Property Management, we at Delgado Property Management believe in delivering quality every step of the way.  We don’t cut corners and we don’t accept less than excellence in our quest to be the best.  ...
  The more we are different, the more we are the same I recently spent time with two very different clients.  Both had come to our Benicia Property Management firm to lease out their properties but the obvious similarities stopped there.  One client retained us to lease a newer very large home, w...
  This view rented 48 hours after being listed! If proof was very needed that Delgado Property Management gets results, than add this to the list of “proof.”                         Not only did the property rent in 48 hours, but we also had several applications received.  This suggests that our ...
  We all have our favorite authors or books.   I have to admit that one of my childhood favorites is "Go Dogs Go" by the esteemed Dr. Seuss.  I've read books as varied as War and Peace, or East of Eden but somehow none have supplanted the good Dr. Seuss and his book.         Only recently I made ...
  A Stranger has the keys to your home… and knows where you live The home you live in, the home you consider secure and private is not so.  A stranger has the keys to your home.  This stranger knows exactly where your home is and knows the layout of every room and every door.  This stranger even ...
Loyal Renters in Benicia Property Management   At Delgado Property Management we have noticed something in the past year or so.   I'm into sure if I can call this a trend just yet, but we've had several renters insist on staying with Delgado as their property management company even as they decid...

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