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Why we won’t sell your home  At Delgado Property Management, we have what I would say is:  1. The strongest Internet presence of any local competitor 2. Two of the best sales agents in the area 3. A consistent flow of highly qualified, interested prospects 4. A very positive word of mouth reputat...
Yes, I’ve written on many topics for this blog, but this time around I won’t be discussing property management.   Instead, I want to share the pride of a father.    My pride, in my son.  He’s young, only 7 and this is the first year in Little League that they actually have a pitching machine inst...
Absentee blogger   Yes, it has been a while since I've written a blog.  I've heard questions asking why I haven't blogged and when will I resume.  In fact, just today during a Little League game, the man who coached one of my sons LAST YEAR commented on a blog I'd written and the photo within the...
At Delgado Property Management, in the process of working towards what we believe any Benicia Property Management company should be, it seems that we’ve established a new standard.   In the past several months we have received a steady stream of both new clients and renters with repeated comment...
12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homes in just one week Yes, it has been an interesting week, and a busy one too.  We’ve signed up 12 new clients with Benicia Rental Homes in just this past week.  We’ve had some busy weeks before but I can’t remember a time when we signed 12 new client contract...
We OWN “Benicia Property Management” in Google images   Yes, it’s true.  Try it for yourself, Google the keywords “Benicia Property Management” and hit the “Images” tab in the upper left corner.  Of the first 75 images that are displayed, 70 are by Delgado Property Management.    Yes, 70 out of 7...
Benicia Property Management Companies are not all the same   We often get phone calls from potential new clients asking questions to help them decide which Benicia Property Management Company to retain.  I'll let a recent true story, well, tell the story.... A client that had been with a competin...
Delgado Property Management, as the name suggests, is a property management company but it does seem that different property management companies do offer different services to their clients.  Our staff works as a team to provide our services rather than as individuals.  We do spend a good amoun...
Condo for rent in the Glen Cove, California Delgado Property Management is proud to present a premier Glen Cove condo for rent  - check out Quiet Harbor in Glen Cove, Vallejo, Condominiums.  We are the only property management company in Benicia to have several of these condos under management. ...
At Delgado Property Management we are constantly looking at ways to improve our business.  I don't say this as a meaningless self-promotion but rather as the honest truth.  We have only been open under this name since 2010 but we bring to DPM our experience as having previously formed a small pro...

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