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CLICK HERE NOW TOUR by Todd Chunn Room by Room- How to get Top Dollar for a Fix & Flip             A must see video if you want to get into the Find Fix and Sell Business:          What to do room by room          Where get fixtures          Where to buy material...
In these videos below we have a panel of local wholesaling experts speaking on how they're currently wholesaling and fix / sell residential homes in Detroit Metro area.Introduction: Meet the PanelCLICK HERE Our Panel of Speakers: - Fred McCoy- Wholesaler, Landlord, Fi...
In this video we Promise have attorney and local experts to give you tools to make your real business boom. Think about have you having leads coming in everyday. you sign a killer purchase agreement offer for yourself or partner to assign for $8,000 dollar fee. The...
How to Evaluate Your First Apartment Deal Online Free Meeting   Organizer tools National Real Estate Investors Network Public group?   Tuesday, March 24, 20206:30 PM to 8:00 PMAdd to calendar   Needs a location Report this event   Details Pat Gage is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Topi...
This Tuesday Buying Your Apartment -- How to Evaluate You Buy-- Making Wise Choices!Tuesday, March 24, 20206:30 PM to 8:00 PMDetails We are going to cover the Following:• The Holy Trinity of Apartment investing.• How to quickly find out if you have a Deal.• The 2 Ratios that every Deal must have ...
Understanding the Probate Process so you as Investor can make MoneyBring you Questions:- I found a great probate buy how can I speed the process?- How to you find Probate attorney?- How can meet and approach a Probate attorney- I found the great buy on house. The home needs to be probated howcan ...
 This video, though an old recording, gives modern day perspective on evaluating investments and they still apply in today’s pursuit of a good purchase. We continue to sift , sort and acquire properties with the methods discussed. YOU MAY WATCH THE OTHER COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTING VIDEO AT ...
Learn Find Fix and Flip Game:  Video below1. What determines what price you pay for a investment property? 2. What kind of Sellers are looking for as a real estate investor?3. Where do you find motivated sellers you can get great buys from? 4. What types of Properties are you looking for as a rea...
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Blog focus is on real estate investing, investing speakers, events, clubs, landlord groups, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, and marketing.