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      Mold is a relatively common household occurrence that can potentially cause health problems as well as damage to structures and surfaces. Although most molds are harmless, some can cause serious respiratory problems, especially in sensitive individuals, so it's important to be aware of pote...
As summer sets in, so does the increase to our energy bills because A/Cs are often turned on so we all need to find new ways to keep the house cool without wasting energy. You can save money and conserve energy by keeping your home naturally cool without using air-conditioning. Here are some hel...
  Barbeque SafetyFor many homeowners, nothing symbolizes summer quite like getting outside and grilling up some tasty treats on the barbeque. As we dust off our hamburger flippers and prepare for another grilling season, however, it's important to remember that when used or maintained improperly...
  In 1992 Congress enacted the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act (Title X of Public Law 102-550) to limit exposure of humans, especially children, to lead based paint hazards. Section 1018 of Title X regulates disclosure of lead-based paint in sales and lease transactions involvi...
Why We Inspect the MechanicalsWhen we talk about "the mechanicals" in a home, what does that actually mean and why are they so important? Simply put, the mechanicals are all the components of a house that have moving parts: the heating, cooling, ventilation, and plumbing systems. The mechanicals...
A professional home inspection alerts home buyers or sellers to items that may need repair or defects that could affect safety and/or home value. But what criteria should you follow when selecting the professional to inspect your home? Here are some good guidelines to follow when you're choosing...

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