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I've already report October home sales stats for Brookside and Waldo--both areas down a bit from Oct 2018. But not Armour Hills--my neighborhood going up up up this year!  It is a much smaller sample of homes than Waldo and Brookside (and of course, Armour Hills included in the Brookside numbers)...
This is not going to be a post that leans into politics, current immigration policy, or an commentary on what's happening at the USA/Mexico border.  Immigration  continues to be a very controversial subject.  However today I wanted to share my story of how I became to be so grateful to be born in...
Hello neighbors!  Waldo home sales have been on a steep incline this year...October figures show a decline in value compared to last year!  But it's a fluke--overall, numbers are up year to date.  Here are the details, using the Waldo street boundaries of State Line to Holmes, Gregory to 85th St:...
Home sales are slowing down as the holidays get closer--very typical trend for the housing market.  Right now in Brookside, more than half the homes for sale are priced over $500,000--several over one million dollars.  Let's check the numbers for single family home sales, using the main Brookside...
Continuing with the November challenge of gratitude...I'm sure every agent reading this blog can relate to the headline!!   When I started in this business, I didn't even think of the possibility that clients would become friends.  Of course, when meeting a potential client for the first time, it...
The November challenge is always a pleasure...because I feel the older we get, the more grateful we are.  And as I look back through the decades, I feel extraordinarily lucky that I haven't experienced the numerous deaths, tragedies, illnesses, gun violence, etc that so many people have.  Sometim...
Shop local!  It's one of the best parts of living in Brookside and many locally owned shops and services, supported by the nearby residents and neighbors.  This weekend is the annual Brookside Holiday Season Opener--a chance for you to start shopping early while taking advantage of spe...
 Is it time to get your hair cut?  Perhaps a fresh style for the holiday parties ahead or “just the usual” in a relaxed environment, surrounded by local artwork?  If you’d like a new experience, check out Waldo’s new salon Moonshot Hair Company, located at 7108 Wornall.  Owner Brooke Smith has ov...
This is a great topic for an AR challenge!  I enjoy reading about the other members' lives.  So  here's a dive into mine--the more interesting parts:The oldest of four kids, we grew up in St Louis MO in a small house with one full bathroom for six people!  It was an old neighborhood, University C...
Armour Hills continues to be one of the strongest Brookside subdivisions in terms of desirability for buyers and homo appreciation.  It will be interesting to see how Armour Hills finishes out the year--with single digit or double digit percent increase over last year.  Here are the stats for las...

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