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So you're not a top agent. Perhaps you're not even a medicore one. You have no clue how those other agents get to that point where they're doing such huge volume. You're busy all day every day chasing down leads, working with clients, and trying to salvage the deals you do have. Personal life? W...
  "I know what to do... I'm just not doing it" That is the very statement I hear from agent after agent, over and over again. It's the reason many are in coaching and the reason why many are not performing the way they would like and even know they could be. So the question is... What's stopping...
Okay so this is truly applicable to anyone in business but Realtors take notice... Think about how this relates to working with home buyers. Are you doing a client intake session or are you just a tour guide of what's on the market?? This is from Seth Godin's blog today. Let's dissect it for the ...
Let me begin by saying that I am a HUGE fan of the NAR annual event with the expo being my absolute favorite part. I love spending an entire day (or two) perusing through new ideas and new technology and getting lots of brochures and cards to sort through at home later. I have been to several NAR...
Ok so I received by brand new Moleskine smart notebook today. Like any self-respecting techie, I immediately tore off the plastic cover and began playing with my new "toy".     So... I made a note in the notebook. I wrote in print and in cursive to see if the evernote system would be able to figu...
Evernote and Moleskine have combined for a genius effort and have created smart notebooks. Are you using them yet?? I just ordered my smart notebook this morning and am really looking forward to testing this out. I'll post again as soon as I get mine and start playing with it. Essentially, you jo...
Do you remember this lady? She was my all-time hero when I was 5 years old. I remember running around the living room, aluminum foil wrapped around my wrists, jump rope at my side, hopping onto the sofa, dodging imaginary bullets, and thinking I would save the world. Wonder Woman was my idea of ...
  Paula McDonald wrote an incredible post yesterday about how a Realtor lost a client due to her cleavage. That brings up a seriously interesting topic: How should women dress when they want to be professional and taken seriously yet also feel sexy and feminine? While, as Paula (and many of her ...
Have you noticed how everyone who exits real estate school and subsequently passes the state exam, gaining their illustrious license, has NO IDEA how to be a real estate agent?? When I originally got my license (waaaay back when), I decided to be an assistant, was one for a solid two years, and t...
As sales people, first and foremost we are PEOPLE people. We have to know intrinsically how to get into someone's head, how to understand them, how to offer them what they need so that, ultimately, we can help them. As a larger group of sales people, it's important we understand that there actual...

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