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     Anyone who recalls the famous Legionnaires Disease outbreak in a Philadephia hotel in 1976 knows the fear that a deadly disease outbreak can create when the source is unknown. We're suffering through a similar fear due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak.     A recent article on i...
It seems everyone loves the look of natural (or simulated) stone around and inside new homes. With all new materials used and which become popular in new construction, we rarely have prior knowledge how they will perform over time. New high-tech materials and new design and installation procedure...
     We commonly get the question, do you test or inspect for mold? For these buyers or homeowners, there are typically four questions we ask that determine if testing is appropriate:     1) Is mold visble?     2) Is there a mold or musty smell in the home?     3) Is there or has there been a lon...
     It's that time of year that requires home inspectors to enter the hottest part of the home...the Attic space.     And a good number of attics are not vented. Venting of attics is not only important to reduce energy consumption and the associated costs of heating and, mainly summer cooling, b...
I've run across several basements recently that have had the typical "interior perimeter waterproofing", with the basement block walls in really poor condition, including peeling paint, cracking parge, and mineral deposit leeching.. This has given me reason to put more thought into the inspection...
     For our Virginia Realtors, I wanted to give an update on the licensing for New Home Inspections (called New Residential Structures - NRS). The definition of an NRS is: a new construction home prior to first tranfer of deed from the builder to the purchaser.     Effective July 1, all Home Inp...
     Effective July 1, 2017, any new residential home (up to four units) will require a newly Virginia icensed home inspector to also be trained and licensed to perform inspections on NEW homes. Note that ANY home inspection after July 1 in Virginia can only be performed by a home inspector licen...

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