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Why (Almost) All Property Management Companies Suck…And What To Do About It If you are a real estate investor (not a ‘flipper’, not a ‘landlord’….a serious real estate investor), you have most likely used one or more property management companies and the majority of them have most likely sucked. ...
How People Lose Big Money Mistaking "Flipping" for “Real Estate Investing.” One of the primary ways I see people lose money in real estate is by confusing “property flipping” with “real estate investing”.   Aspiring real estate investors watch shows about "fixing and flipping" on TV that make it ...
How and Why to Run Your Business from Your Rooftop Pool Deck For me, lifestyle design is a huge part of the real estate game…..and it is the centerpiece of the entrepreneurial game.  When we formed Maverick Investor Group in 2007, we were focused from Day 1 on building a business structure that f...
Why Most People Who Go To Real Estate Investment Club Meetings Never Invest In Real Estate A little while ago Maverick Investor Group conducted an experiment to test a particular market—“people who attend real estate investment club meetings”—to see what percentage of them were actually intereste...
Who is Buying Offshore Real Estate and Why? My friend Diane Kennedy, who you may know as the bestselling author of numerous books including Real Estate Loopholes and Loopholes of the Rich, recently asked me to do a private workshop for about 400 of her personal clients on How and Why to Invest in...
The baby boomer generation is re-inventing ‘retirement’. They are not slowing down when they stop working, they are picking things up and looking for excitement and adventure to make their golden years the most fun and exciting years of their lives. As such, many are looking to travel internation...
  Ever since the 2010 season of Survivor started airing, over 14 million people a week in North America saw the extraordinary beauty of the often misunderstood country of Nicaragua.  Tourist visits to Nicaragua started breaking records (topping 1 million in 2010 for the first time in the country’...
  There are very few places on the globe where this value proposition could possibly be real….and it will only be real for a fleeting moment, so the time to act is now.   Let me welcome you to Central America’s premier emerging market: the New Nicaragua.  As Costa Rica’s northern neighbor, Nicara...

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