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In this episode of Real Estate TV: A new survey says first-time home-owners were surprised by how expensive it was to own a home, a Recovery in 2013? So says! And the median home price for much of Ventura County has...Gone UP! And we'll enter the Fun House for yet another photo from my...
In this episode of Real Estate TV: Loan delinquencies are down, but lender REO inventory is up. A look at the California Association of Realtors Talking Points, The Rent vs. Buy Index, and we’ll enter the Fun House for another sweet photo from my daily Real Estate adventures.
AB 1178 was approved in the California Senate. Do you know what it means? If not, once I finish explaining it in this video you need to go hug your favorite Realtor. Also, I spoke to a friend who hasn't made a payment for 11 months! 11 months! And we'll enter the Fun House and grab my photo album...
Thinking of going the short sale route? Have you heard of the HAFA program? Better yet, has your Realtor heard of the HAFA program and, if so, can they explain it intelligently? In this episode of Real Estate TV I'll go through the HAFA agreement with you and give you my opinion of it and what I ...
When it comes to Real Estate News, it appears Captain Obvious writes for, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Tell us something we DON'T know about the Real Estate market. And does 8 months seem like a quick foreclosure to you? Because according to the New York Times, it ...
Back from vacation and back in front of the camera for another episode of Real Estate TV. And I have the result of my first ever wine tasting. Feel free to comment on why the bottle of wine I bought in Napa sucks. I can't wait. While I was on vacation one of my listings expired and the home owner...
The Federal Tax Credits are long gone, but the state of California continues with the generosity. California has set aside $100-Million for New Home Buyers and $100-Million for First Time Buyers. But, it's first come, first served so watch this boring tax video, enhanced with exciting photos to k...
This episode of Real Estate TV presents a home that failed to sell. Why? Because the home owner did one of the worst things you can do if you ever intend to sell your home for top dollar. Can you guess why the house in this video didn't sell before I reveal the answer? Watch and give it a shot.
In this episode of Real Estate TV, Matt discusses asking for closing costs and the factors that effect your offer and whether or not you'll get a closing cost credit. Also, a brief comment on the hoops one must jump through in order to swallow a mouth full of wine, compared with the two step simp...
The Senate voted last week to ban the so-called "liar loans." What are your thoughts? Personally, I think it's great. Guess what, now you have to prove you make money and prove you can repay your loan. What a concept! And if you rely on tips and can't prove your income, perhaps it's time for a ne...

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