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Read an article online from Realtor Magazine that was titled "How To Keep The Housing Recovery Going." Naturally, I had to read it. Apparently somebody has the answers to how to keep the real estate market going strong in the current economy... Or not. There was only one tiny quote worth repeatin...
In this episode of Real Estate TV: What is more beneficial to you if you're about to lose your home, a Short Sale or plain old Foreclosure? Believe it or not, there's quite a bit of money to be made through foreclosure and not by the bank, by you. Remember, it's a business decision and what reall...
Who really benefits from a short sale? The seller? The seller's bank? The IRS? The Real Estate Agents? How soon can you buy another home if you short sale your current residence? How soon can you buy another home if your home is repossessed? I'll discuss all of that and more in this episode of Re...
It is often said that a Short Sale is better for your credit score than a foreclosure. Is that really true? Find out in this episode of Real Estate TV.
There are many things you should address prior to putting your house on the market, but let's start with the pets. Those lovable, stinky pets.
It's one thing to add square footage to your home by expanding the kitchen or the master bedroom, but tripling your square footage? Not the smartest thing to do. I’ve got a quick bit of advice for you on over-improving your home for the neighborhood and we’ll enter the Fun House and take a look a...
An article posted on says "The market is flooded with foreclosed homes." Is it really? Is your local real estate market flooded with foreclosures?
It's frustrating and appalling how many seller's are ripped off by their Real Estate agent. Do you know exactly what your agent is doing to market your home? After all, that is what you hired them to do, right? Always remember, when you hire someone to do a job for you, you are the boss. If selli...
When working with buyers, I often tell them 'everything is negotiable. If you don't ask, you don't get.' It's important to make an educated decision on what to ask for from the seller, whether it be purchase price, closing costs or a request for repairs. Here are some quick tips for all 3, as wel...
So, the federal home buyer tax credits are officially history. Now what? Are we going to see buyers disappear? Will sales of existing homes decrease? Hear what Matt thinks and we'll enter the Fun House where we'll see a really nice rack... towel rack, that is.

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