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Great outline of how I also work short sales!We qualify our buyers before showing them a home, right? But are you qualifying the short sale listings you're showing them? If not, you may be wasting your time.  By contacting the listing agent and asking them a few basic questions prior to showing t...
With short sales becoming so prevalent in today’s real estate market, criminals have found new ways to take advantage of the situation.   It is the same scheme that took place during the housing boom when prices where rising rapidly, only now it is reversed and geared toward these changing real e...
I am pleased to announce the launch of my new short sale resource and blog  We are looking forward to posting useful information relating to short sales in Georgia.  It will also serve as a short sale guide for homeowners who might be facing a hardship and are looking for a ...
Buyers and sellers of residential real estate need to be aware of some major changes in the way real estate transactions will take place in Georgia!  Members of the Georgia Association of Realtors commonly use pre-printed real estate forms/contracts to facilitate the buying/selling of Georgia Re...
Not only are lower mortgage rates a great reason to buy now, buyers looking to purchase within the next 2-3 months could save big $$$ by closing on a home before the end of the year on their 2008 property tax bill.  In Georgia, you qualify for a HomeStead Exemption by owning and occupying a home...
The real estate market has changed in Atlanta and we are in a buyer’s market. To refresh, a buyer’s market is when supply outnumbers the demand. This results in swelling numbers of homes for sale and possibly flat or falling prices. I am hearing from many people that they are waiting to purchase...
Prudential GA Realty is holding another "Super Sunday" this Sunday in the Atlanta Market where hundreds of listings will be held open.  According to top experts, now is a great time to buy real estate in Atlanta.  Buy low and sell high is how that saying goes...  Check out these reports from Dan ...
As a Realtor, I am obligated to present all possible known risks to my clients about their potential purchase.  While new home builders are ramping up the noise with special weekend blow-outs, expensive free upgrades, and just about every other incentive you can think of, we need to make sure th...
I think the perception of short sales is that the bank is just going to forgive the remaining debt and let a homeowner go on their merry way once the sale closes.  They are far more complicated and homeowners need to truly understand what the outcome will be.  Remember, a short sale is usually on...
I know that I already posted all my tech tools to share with other ActiveRain agents but I forgot to add my latest addition.  The WIRELESS HEADSET from Hello Direct!  I always thought that agents who wore headsets around the office looked funny but I really think it will encourage me to prospect ...

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