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Mortgage Rates are dropping fast...who knows how long this will last.   Although you see some crazy stuff going on in the stock market and financial sector, it is still a great time to purchase a home or refinance your existing mortgage to get a lower payment or even leverage your equity to pay o...
Seek a Qualified Mortgage Consultant to Ensure the Best Results By Matt Rimmer, Mortgage PlannerCastleRock Mortgage Group   Bossier City, LA - Credit remediation is a subject consumers often face with fear and trepidation, and for good reason. With the exception of recognizing that the best score...
A Qualified Mortgage Consultant Can Outline Your Options Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership By Matt Rimmer, Mortgage PlannerCastleRock Mortgage Group    Bossier City, LA - Buying a home vs. renting is a big decision that takes careful consideration, as most mortgage consultants ...
Consumers interested in purchasing or refinancing a home will pay an interest rate based on current market conditions and their ability to pay back the loan. The borrower's income and debt ratios are taken into consideration by the lender, as well as the predictability factor provided by credit s...
Bankruptcy is an uncomfortable subject for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is the potential havoc it can wreak on your finances. Running a close second is the negative stigma which is often attached to the process. This negativity is important to mention because strong emotions can sometim...
New rules for FHA loans headed for House vote! A bill that would allow the continued use of seller-funded down-payment assistance on FHA-backed loans now has the support of the National Association of Realtors and is headed to a full House vote after passing muster with a key congressional commit...


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