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203k loans, the hottest renovation loan product on the market. Offering quick closings on homes that require repairs.
I get a kick out of people who think they 203k can't be used in their neighborhood. The loan limits have increased substantially over the years but there are 203k type loans that go up to $3 Million today. That means you can do renovation or remodeling to cover most projects in your area. It is a...
The secret to get your FHA 203k project closed FASTERMy favorite story about closing fast 203k deals has always been with Donna Nix when she closed her first full 203k in 21 days. She and others get it that nothing happens until the paperwork is complete and the clock doesn't start ticking until ...
Close your Limited 203k loans fasterLimited 203k loans are for properties with cosmitic repairs and NO STRUCTURAL issues. These are done by any lender who does FHA 203b loans and requires no additional training other than the 203b training most already have.What is the biggest single hold up in c...
FHA 203k or HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage in Millersville MD or anywhere else for that matter.How do you choose which renovation loan is best for your client? Lets look at some of the main differences.1. PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance is mandatory with the FHA 203k and it doesn't go away vs th...
203k alive and well in Auburn CAWe have been doing 203k projects all over the USA now for about twenty-six years. I remember one in particular that was located in Auburn CA that had a failed foundation. It was raised up about 4" high with a Y shaped crack that was also about 4" wide. The borrower...
Marketing has always been an issue for everyone in this chain. In 1998 HUD put me on the carpet for "Hogging the Work" till they found out I had offered every consultant on the SF list a free consultation if they would merely come out to my seminar and see what we do. If they liked it we would as...
Think out of the box, think 203k loansYou can create inventory when your MLS says there is none. How? Simply find a home in the right neighborhood that is close in most respects then make a list of the changes that are needed to make it their dream home. That list becomes the scope of work or at ...
are the FHA 203k loans as strong as they ever were?What can we say about that? Yes, and No is the right answer. Why is that? Originally the 203k was intended for borrower's that were credit challenged. That is no longer the case, many and I do mean many, borrowers these days just want to have som...
Need a lender for a non-profit for a 203k I need a lender for Non-profits all over the USA, if you are open to discussing it let me hear from you.
I have a Mac but need my favorite PC programs to run on it, What can I do? Use Boot Camp Boot Camp comes with your Mac and lets you install Microsoft Windows. No need to download anything yourself — just open Boot Camp Assistant and it will guide you through the rest. How to install Windows usin...

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