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    BEND, OR: In March of 2009 Exit Realty Bend principal broker and franchise owner, Jim Mazziotti,held the first of it's kind open house in Bend, Oregon! While Mazziotti credits Kye Grace, a former Realtor in Vancouver B.C with the idea,Mazziotti took the idea to a new level and is thought to b...
  EXIT REALTY BEND “HOME SOLD TO HIGHEST BIDDER EVENT” BRINGS FANTASTIC NUMBERS   Last year EXIT Realty Bend principal broker and franchise owner, Jim Mazziotti, held a home selling event not witnessed before in Bend. His single weekend auction type event drew more than 100 prospective buyers to ...
  I was inspired, its that simple.  So I followed my gut on this one. On January 23rd I was surfing the net, as I often do on weekends.  I found Ustream.tv....and the rest....well, you get the drift. So here is this guy from Vancouver B.C. doing this 72 Hour Open House.  Interesting idea.  Mostly...
Houdini strapped himself into a straightjacket and hung upside down off the roof of a building where 50,000 people watched him escape is 1916. People have been rolling over Niagara Falls in barrels for decades, walking across tightropes between buildings for years and celebreties like David Coope...
  The Story of Kalat This picture of the statue below was made by an Iraqi artist named Kalat, who for years was forced by Saddam Hussein to make the many hundreds of bronze busts of Saddam that dotted Baghdad. This artist was so grateful that the Americans liberated his country, he melted 3 of t...
WHO IS GROWING IN REAL ESTATE FRANCHISING?   I recently took a few minutes to read through a recent National Association of Realtors comparison study of residential real estate franchises.  The numbers were a bit surprising, although I had a feeling of what is happening in the real estate busines...
Hello ACTIVE RAIN!  I am hoping you can help answer an office question. Our office is doing more and more BANK OWNED property listing as sales.  In fact, most of our real estate business here in Central Oregon is coming from BANK OWNED propeties. We work with a number of default companies from va...
  Does Anyone Really See Your Sign? I have a theory about that. Before I start I would like to give you some numbers to set the stage, so to speak. I own an EXIT office in little ol' Bend, Oregon....population...ummm.....about 75,000. In our greater metropolitan area we have 2224 ACTIVE residenti...
There is little question, in my mind anyway, that it will be vital for most of us in the real estate business to be ready to tackle the business of SHORT SALES and REO LISTINGS soon.  I understand that there are many who have already placed themselves in an excellent position to lead the way in a...
Geeze...I'm not very good with dates.....but it seems to me that I traveled from my rural Iowa community in about 1999 to attend a designation class for the Accredited Buyers Designation at the National Association of Realtors headquarters in Chicago.  I remember that the designation was in it's ...

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