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I am helping another VA who is helping her client, post a 4 bedroom rental home for the Oxon, Maryland area which is inside the beltway and about two traffice lights from the DC line.  It's also a mimimum cost of $1,000 per night to rent the house.  That's more reasonable than most offered. In re...
   There is a Marketing tool that could benefit the real estate industry very well.  For those not familiar with it, it's called, Blog Talk Radio.  Another VA and I cohost a show every Saturday afternoon.  That's what gave me the idea that this would be a great tool for all Real Estate Agents.  Y...
The 1991 edition of Webster's dictionary, described Geek as being "the name of a carnival man whose act involved biting the head off a live chicken or snake." It also stated that the first time it was used in the English language was in 1916 describing a Wells Fargo Messenger. The quote read, "A ...
 "No Comment"  is an intimadating phrase, isn't it?  I've read blog after blog and seen the words,"no comment".   It makes you wonder who you were talking too...yourself?  Or, maybe it makes you feel what you have to say is not important enough...or, perhaps, it's a popularity contest and you'll ...
   It's interesting to note, that as the 1st generation of Baby Boomers will retire,  55+ homes project a very hot market today. In spite of what's going on in the industry, Boomers are downsizing, and creating opportunities for sellers and buyers. They may be deciding to downsize, and perhaps re...

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