Co-signers - good income is not all!!!   Many first time home buyers, who are often at the beginning of their careers seek co-signers,  because when pre-approved they can't buy the house they really want. They then ask that  a relative  co-sign with them to help them qualify for the house they re...
3/2/2 Pool home with den,  in Port St Lucie, Florida 34983 Close to U.S Highway One, on a very quiet residential street.  This quaint house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with den.  Enclosed patio area off the kitchen and dining area. No carpet here which will keep your cooling bills low. C...
No One Will Help Me Sell My House!                                                                           I received a call recently from a homeowner who said he wanted to engage my services and assist him in selling his house.  He gave me the address and told me to drive by and let him know h...
Thank you to all the Military Personnel.   Thank you to all the Military Personnel out there.    You lay you lives on the lines for us all.    You leave your families for us and risk life and limb.    I just want to say thank you.       
Can I stay in the house after closing? Whether or not you can stay in the house after closing, is if all parties agree, both buyer and you the seller. When a person is buying the house they will want possession immediately after the closing.  If the buyer finds your are still in occupancy it coul...
Can I Move In Before The Closing? The answer is yes if the seller agrees  that you can move in  before the closing, and no you can not move in before the closing if the seller does not agree.  As agents we do not advise anyone to move in before the closing because it may cause problems.  When you...
Hurricane delayed my closing- what can I do? In the event there is a hurricane or severe flooding this will and can delay a scheduled closing.  The buyer should ensure they received a home owner's insurance binder as soon as possible once they know the home they are going to purchase.  Getting a ...
Please stop calling me.    I am so fed up with the number of sales calls I get during the day on my cell phone and business line, morning, noon and night.  I hate the ones that end up being an automated calling device.  And a computer is taking up my time.  Worse if I had to run accross the room ...
Homes for sale in Port St Lucie Florida 34953. There are currently 496 homes for sale in Port St Lucie Florida 34953. The homes listed are priced as follows:- Low                      $44,900 Average               $164,040 High                 $1,100,000 Average days on the market 67   The types ...
Market Report for Homes Sold in  Port St Lucie, Florida 34953 During the month of October 2013 there were a total of 159 sold homes in Port St Lucie, Florida 34953. The 159 homes sale prices for the  were as follows:- Low                 $29,000  Average          $135,744 High               $490,...

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