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10 Creative Ideas to help sell those stagnant listings.  In response to Maria Hollands post - I need Creative Ideas to help sell listings! 1.  Do you have a floor plan for the property?  Maybe that would help.  I blogged about floorplans yesterday - Check out EZFLoorPlan and get a floor plan here...
Single Property Sites - Value or Void? While searching for single property site resources I stumbled upon a blog that contained -by far- the most honest, worthwhile, singularly valuable analysis of a Real Estate tool I have seen on the internet. Insight from technical people, providers of the ser...
Well, Yesterday I had my photo taken for my new business cards. Today, I need to decide where to order them from! In the past, I've ordered from and There are more choices out there than I can possibly imagine but here are a few things to consider when orderin...
Thanks to Active Rain & I was up all night last night playing around with my ActiveRain blog. It got me to thinking - there are lot of cool tools out there we can use to jazz up our websites and/or blogs. As if I need something else to distract me!
 If you've ever listed an REO - you know the banks usually require you to put utilities in your name, pay the bills and then submit them for reimbursement. This has to be my least favorite part of listing REO's.  Forget the fact I have to kick a referrall fee back to the "Loan Servicing Company" ...
I looked in my desk drawer yesterday to discover I'm down to about 20 business cards. So, like a true American - I wanted to go out today and get new cards on the spot. Well, first I need a new picture cause I've lost some weight and just look better. And it's impossible to call a photographer or...
I'm always looking for something to blog about that will help me add links to my directory. This blog is an answer to a question by someone at ActiveRain who asked about sign companies online. The question was "I am looking for a sign company (Internet based) that also supplies the posts/holder. ...
Showing & Feedback Services A few years ago Showing appointment services were few and far between. Online feedback services didn't even exist. Today there are many choices - some for setting appointments, some for feedback and some for both.In much of Chicagoland - it's common to put the sellers ...
Join me for my first neighborhood video tour of the Churchill Club subdivision in Oswego, Illinois. Churchill Club is located just South of Route 34 and East of Douglas Road in Oswego, Illinois. Churchill Club is a 438 acre community built by Town & Country Homes. Three different communities mak...
I bought an RCA Small Wonder video Camera yesterday and here is my first video.  It is unedited from beginning to end so you can see how well the camera performs.  VideoAd by Mixpo This video was shot with the RCA Small Wonder EZ201 Camcorder. What you see is exactly as it was shot from beginning...

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