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It seems like everywhere I turn, I am reading about using video in real estate on the internet.  Since my background is in television - it seems like I should have already been doing this!  So I decided to take the plunge. Finding the right camera seems like a daunting task.  My first instinct wa...
Did the rate on your mortgage adjust recently?  Did you fall behind on your payments after the rate went up?   Then you might be eligible for the FHA Secure program.  FHA Secure is a program signed into law by President Bush in 2007.  If you are on an adjustable rate mortage and your rate has adj...
I was out mowing the lawn today and couldn't help but pause to look at my house.  I realized that I don't usually stand on the sidewalk and just look at my house.  Do you?  So I walked up and down the sidewalk looking at my house from different angles - like a buyer driving by would.  It's import...
>What is a Loan Modification? In Loan Modification - your lender might forgive late fees, give you a better interest rate, switch you from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, recapitalize missed payments & more!  It's hard to believe any lender would be so cooperative - I know.  But in light of t...
Yesterday I sat down with a pre-foreclosure client interested in keeping her home.  The lender/Loan servicer was Ocwen Bank. As I sat and talked with her about options - we discussed a forebearance program.  She thought this sounded like a good option so she pulled out her most recent mortage sta...
>What is Forebearance? If you're behind in your mortgage payments - you may be looking for an alternative to selling your home.  I sit down with a lot of homeowners looking for any option other than selling.  If you had a temporary hiccup in your income but now you're back on track - forebearance...
Victoria Meadows in Oswego is located just north of Rt. 34 and West of Orchard Rd.  So far this year, only 1 home has sold in the first quarter.  That isn't much data to go on when comparing quarters- but if the trend continues, we are in for much longer market times.  Average market time for the...
This weeks web home of the week is an amazing condo located in downtown Westmont. These condos are really setup more like townhomes. The first floor of the building contains shops - while the second floor (above the parking garage) has entrances to the units. This unit was previously a builders m...
As of last week, the new Oswego Village Hall is open!  It's a beautiful brick structure at the corner of Rt. 31 & Washington in Downtown Oswego.  This Saturday from 8:00am - 11:00am you ca have breakfast with the Village President and Village Board.  Coffee, Pastries and a tour will be a great wa...
Mothers Day means a lot of people will be driving to see their mother.   Maybe along the way they plan on driving by a couple houses for sale or checking out a new neighborhood.  If you mowed your lawn on Tuesday - it may be getting pretty long by Sunday.  High profile holidays offer a great oppo...

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