Espanol - abajo!! We are 1,200 miles from the US border...and Mexico has been trying to recouperate from the decline in the housing in the USA! See, most of our buyers on the border and coasts are foreigners - the #1 buyer being from the USA. Because most of the buyers here pay CASH based on refi...
Want to see what mortagages are like here in Mexico? Here is a link to a web page that compares all the different large banks that lend..looks like the average is about 13% annual interest rate..with 20% down.
  Construction costs are different all over Mexico. I remember when I lived in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point, Sonora) I couldn't believe the amount of construction that was going on - and yet I thought, where are they getting the workers from!? Penasco was closer to Phoenix and Tucson than it was t...
Lordie!     Thank goodness I have my own house and don't need to get a mortgage! This article (in Spanish) by Metrocubicos out of Mexico City has a graph (above) that shows that type of salary you need to make in order to qualify for a mortgage loan in Mexico - and based on the fact that you put ...
I attended the NAR convention last year and had such a great time going through the incredible stands that they had. I purchased a  few scarves with houses on them, some earings and pins with little diamonds (well, crystals!) in the form of a house!! I have gotten so much attention when I wear th...
La tercera edad - that is way they say SENIOR CITIZENS in Spanish. So I guess, the first age must be from 1-30, the second age 30-60 and the third age is probably 60 and up...oh Lordie...the third age is coming up fast!! All the sudden, in Guadalajara - Mexico's second largest city, they are find...
I had the opportunity in 2008 at the Orlando NAR convention to be a speaker (presenter? trainer?) on the DOING BUSINESS IN MEXICO course that they have prepared in order to help NAR convention attendees to understand a little bit more on what exactly the process for purchasing property is in Mexi...
You have been offered an incredible opportunity of working outside the USA! Your family is excited about the move but a little concerned about what to do with the kids schooling. Will you send them to a local public school? Will you send them to a private school? Who  is going to pay for that?!! ...
Many times it is hard to get information on Mexico real estate that actually can site official numbers and sources. There is a magazine called INMOBILIARE that is in English and Spanish and I think that it is a great source for information on their ONLINE edition. Check it out http://inmobiliare....
I was with a Canadian from Edmunton yesterday who told me how every morning she had to start her car with a remote control so that by the time she needed to get in it, it was nice and toasty. She also said that they plug their cars in the wall in the night to keep their batteries warm so they wi...

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