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Just today I was reading blogs posted by others.  In the three blogs that I read, there were typographical errors and misspelled words in all of them!  There wasn't one without errors.  Now imagine that instead of sending a message to those of us who read blogs, you were sending that message to a...
As promised, here's a blog about mortgage lenders.  With problems in the current economy, and actually since 2006, some lenders have closed their doors.  Others have merged and are continuing to merge/be bought out.  Having said that, there is a website,, that will provide info...
With the huge downturn in the economy and the end not yet in sight, some builders are struggling to stay afloat.  Which ones?  Go to and click on "Favorite Links".  There you'll find a link to the latest information from a reliable source regarding which builders are in troub...

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