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First a little history. It wasn’t that long ago when Toll Brothers, “America’s luxury home builder,” was in full command of its residential real estate home-building empire. The company had a well-deserved gold-plated reputation, demanding and getting premium prices for their well-designed homes ...
Want to add roughly 10 points to your credit score and get a lot less unwanted junk mail? Logging in to will keep Experian/Equifax/TransUnion from selling your credit information to credit card and insurance companies that in turn offer pre-approved credit card and insuran...
Here's a quick photo report on the Scottsdale Arts Fair which takes place every year over a weekend in March at the Scottsdale Civic Center grounds (it was last weekend). More than 200 artists from many states participate, each screened by a peer review panel to maintain the Fair's high level of ...
I went to a mortgage industry luncheon recently, but certainly not for the yucky rubber chicken. The real bait on the hook was the chance to sit at the feet of a panel of three of the Phoenix area's most high-powered residential real estate brokers as they showered us with their wisdom on the sta...
I was looking for a great demonstration of "the good life" in Scottsdale, and it was only natural to look at the Scottsdale Four Seasons Resort. But I didn't expect to find such a bargain at the same time. It turns out that every day at happy hour (3 PM to 6 PM) in the resort's Onyx Bar and Loung...
A buyer asks for your help in buying a new home, stating that after acquiring it he intends to "dump" his current home (walk away and let the bank pursue foreclosure). Knowing this, should you help the buyer, and if you do, are you courting risk in some way? This question arose at a recent semina...
Phoenix, AZ Luxury Condos For Sale -- Fairway Lodge at the AZ Biltmore -- New Deeply Discounted Prices -- Five Spectacular Units A quick moment of your time, please, to see the details below surrounding the new discounted prices on five never-occupied condos being offered by the developer of Fair...
Did you know that simply by asking questions a prospect or client can be encouraged to do most of the talking? What a relief--let THEM do some of the talking for a change! More to the point, your astute, non-threatening questions will shift the focus to them--where it belongs--and flatter them by...
I've noticed a lot of unhealthy looking, clearly unfit REALTORS®, but very little blogging on the subject of fitness. I think it might just be one of those uncomfortable topics in our industry. This is not going to be a rant, though I do believe that Fitness Is Part of Our Job Too. I'm 65 and not...
I have a friend who is about as sharp as you can get in the field of marketing (Jim Copacino, co-founder of Copacino + Fujikado, a leading advertising agency in Seattle). He recently spoke at an insurance industry marketing and communication awards banquet, in which he essentially said that there...

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