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Metrowest MA Real Estate - Realtor specializing in home sales in Hopkinton, Milford, Holliston, Ashland, Southboro, Westboro, Franklin, Upton, Mendon, Hopedale, Grafton, Medway, Northbridge, and Framingham MA. Includes Real Estate home sellling & buying tips , Homes for sale in and around Metrowest, Metrowest MA Market reports. Based in Hopkinton MA - top RE/MAX Realtor, RE/MAX Executive Realty.
What to Know About Credit Reporting Agencies When Buying a HomeAre you contemplating purchasing a home for the first time? You will undoubtedly be getting a mortgage unless you are financially independent. The vast majority of people do not fall into this category!When you apply for a loan, your ...
Should I Hire a Moving Company or Do it Myself?Are you trying to decide between hiring a professional moving company or doing it yourself? Buying a new home can be a very stressful experience, though how much stress you face will depend on the choices you make. One of these choices is how you mov...
Home Buying Tax DeductionsDo you want to find out what expenses you can deduct as a new homeowner? No one likes paying taxes, so making the most out of tax deductions when buying a home can be appealing. Though there used to be better deductions available in the past, it could still be worth your...
How Do I Update or Cancel My Change of Address?Do you want to learn how to cancel or update your change of address request with the post office? Changing your address details is a chore you need to take care of before your moving date. But what if things change before the move? All of a sudden, y...
What Should I Know About iBuyers?Anything that can make the home buying process more relaxed is an attractive prospect. One of the things iBuyers do is a promise to make selling your home a more straightforward and faster experience. They offer more convenience and provide more certainty when sel...
Why You Might Not Like a CondoAre you thinking about buying a condo but are not sure if you should? The prospect of purchasing a condo can seem like an excellent idea for many people. You have the advantage of less maintenance to do on the home and more facilities, but there can be downsides. The...
What Fees Do Sellers Pay to Sell a Home?When selling a home, you shouldn't overlook the closing costs involved. Buyers and sellers both have to pay closing costs, but the amounts will vary between buyers and sellers.The closing costs you will have to pay are going to vary based on your local situ...
How Much Down Payment Do You Need to Buy a HomeAre you saving to buy your first home? One of the most commonly asked questions among potential home buyers is how much do I need for a down payment. When it comes to down payments, there has been a significant amount of false information floating ar...
 What Does a Real Estate Company Charge For Commission?When hiring the services of a real estate agent, they are paid through commission for selling a home. The single most considerable expense when selling a house is paying a real estate agency for their services.One of the most asked questions ...
 Putting a Home in MLS Without an AgentLots of people wonder if they can put a home in multiple listing service without a Realtor. The answer is yes; you can, however, there are certainly pros and cons to listing with a flat fee MLS company. Before choosing this marketing method, it is vital to k...

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