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I had a client who came to my office and tells me "I want to short sale my House. It is not worth it to keep it. I can make my payments if I put some more effort, But I can also prove that I don't earn enough money to continue paying" What is the right answer? What do we suggest this person? Is i...
Most people are familiar with the term short sale by now. Well, Not all because I have seen some realtors who does not know what they are yet. I kind wish i was one of them sometimes! That means they didnt deal with any short sale. :) I  think most realtor would agree with me that short sales are...
I'd like to see how other realtors are handling Loan modifications. In my state (NJ), We cannot legally charge for processing loan modifications therefore I have to refer to attorneys or those who are doing loan modifications for living. What I sometimes do is analyze the person's situation to se...

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