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I have not visited Branson, but my mother is totally obsessed with Branson. She is a few years short of 80 and an actively working restaurant entrepreneur. When she has a couple of days to spare, she's wanting to go to Branson.  She and I plan to meet there sometime this year. We really need some...
Part 1 ended with "Why would someone turn in a bogus request for a CMA giving a mortgage lenders' email address and phone #"?Not finding peace in the situation, I decided to see if I could contact the real property owner. That was easy enough, I cross referenced the tax record owner name with the...
Following is a true story, rather than a blog. The details are a bit complicated and are not conducive to speed reading. I am seeking understanding and truth. I believe "The Truth Will Set Me Free". Help me answer the following questions, please.Who are the known "players"?Who are the victims or ...
Sometimes its the seemingly unimportant experiences that can have the most impact on our lives. Like, tossing a pebble in the water and watching the ripple action.  One day I had a little extra time that I chose to use browsing Active Rain. I don't know how or why I discovered Ed Rybczynski's pro...
I still laugh when I think how absurd this scenario was. To get the humor I have to supply a little background.We've established from prior blogs that I enjoy people immensely, and I admit to talking to strangers. Hey, I even talk to cats and dogs. If its living, has ears and can respond--So, I'm...
The following anecdote is from experiences gained in actual, physical door knocking, walk about adventures.  I decided to come out of the closet after reading many SOI blogs and marketing on a budget type of blogs. My favorites are attributed in the introductory My Door Knocking Obsession. My que...
 Being a REALTOR gives me a valid excuse to go door knocking.  I look forward to "Door Knocking" just as much as I look forward to the time I get to spend with Active Rain. Because I enjoy these two activities so much, I have to discipline myself not to spend too much time with either. I prefer c...
Have you found your statistics tool? It is on the left side, bottom third of the page. Mine looks like this, of course with more data. What is shown here is for illustration only.Your profile has been viewed 619 times. Below are statistics for your blog, we will be adding additional statistics su...

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Are you excited? If you found me, you are most likely thinking of moving to... I remember the excitement, anticipation and concerns about relocating. Therefore, I try to convey "slice of life" moments with photo-blogs and single photo uploads to assist you in getting a "real feel".