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0 Public comments are encouraged through January 7th. The point of contact for Coast Transit Authority is Jay Curtis. His phone number is (228) 896-8080, ext 234; email him at: jcurtis@coast Click here for the proposed changes (improvements) in detail. The beautiful newly constructed...
Mississippi's 3 coastal counties are: Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson. Disclaimer:The following information is from The Gulf Coast Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and pertains to Harrison County only. Property listed under farms/acreage, land, multi-family, or commercial is not included in this inf...
HUDucation for home buyers. 3 new videos were released this month (November, 2011) at YouTube's HUD channel. All 3 videos are a “must” view for real estate professionals as well as home buyers. You, as a professional may know everything in the video, but we should all be aware of HUDucation, what...
If you are a potential buyer and searching the Internet, you have likely found HUD homes along with other MLS listings. But, just in case you want a new dynamic site to visit, give the HUD Home Store a try. You will find loads of important information you could use. If you decide you would like t...
Are you thinking about buying a home in the Mississippi Gulf Coast? (Info follows non promotional video) The video below has nothing to do with buying a home, but everything to do with an honest portrayal of our environment and lifestyle along the coast. Sure, lifestyle is different for everyone....
Bob Usey recently expressed a bit of frustration in his post:  REAL TIME CAMERAS - ONE SOLUTION IN LONG-TERM RECOVERY FROM OIL SPILL .  This quote symbolizes the frustration: "In order to counter any negative perception by others concerning the State of Mississippi and other Gulf States while als...
Note: I was commenting at  Katrina Five Years Ago... , by Alice Broadway, Hurley, MS  when I realized I had gone far beyond a cordial comment and was borderline high-jacking her post. Obviously, I still have a touch of Katrina PTSD residing in me. I expect many residents and volunteers also exper...
Granted, sometimes clients have more overall real estate experience than any agent or broker. If that is the case, you may only need an MLS member to carry forth the things you cannot do yourself, such as: *Inspect properties (not the licensed inspector type, more of a "check the welfare of the p...
It can be challenging to come up with something new to write about in a world of real estate professionals. (Maybe that is why reblogging seems so popular). Active Rain has a very productive search bar. If we use it, we may avoid publishing a post very similar to someone else's; or find an oppor...
Petition circlulators are out in numbers looking for registered Mississippi voters. The petition may be viewed in its entirely here. Initiative 31 with Ballot title: Should government be prohibited from taking private property by eminent domain then transferring it to other persons?" is sponsore...

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Are you excited? If you found me, you are most likely thinking of moving to... I remember the excitement, anticipation and concerns about relocating. Therefore, I try to convey "slice of life" moments with photo-blogs and single photo uploads to assist you in getting a "real feel".