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Credit Scores play a vital role in the homebuying process. Do you know if your credit report is reporting accurately? Are there tax liens or judgements against you that shouldn't be there? There is (usually) always a way to fix that! In fact, I helped a client last week raise their score 60 point...
Sometimes it seems like credit is a game. You have to know how to play to increase your score, and to keep it high! Let me share a tip with you.
Homeownership is a huge step in this journey we call life. The decision isn't always black and white. What makes sense for one person, may not make sense for the next. What's my take on "is it better to rent or own?". I'm so glad you asked! I'd love to share with you -- Check out my video below!
Credit Scores DO matter Do you know what yours is? Did you know you can pull a free Credit Report for yourself? Check out how in my video below and give me a call if you have any questions!
Do Credit Scores matter when purchasing a home?    
What is Step 1 in the homeownership process?
Myth: I Can't Afford to Buy a Home from Mike Rankin on Vimeo.
You have have heard of it... No PMI (Mortgage Insurance) with only 5% down.   Is it true and does it work? Yes and yes!    Typically, when you put 5% down on a Conventional Mortgage loan you are paying mortgage insurance that is ordered via the bank and paid in your monthly mortgage payment.  Hen...
Does a smoother mortgage process exist?   That is the one frustration I hear form every person I’ve ever known who has gotten a mortgage before in some form or fashion.   After hearing this concern over and over I decided it's time to do something about this. To create a smoother sailing process ...
How important are Plan B's to you? In the last week I was referred 4 borrower’s that were turned down by their local bank, credit union, or mortgage banker.  One specifically was Carl.  Carl was turned down the day before closing because he missed a late payment on his credit card and his credit ...

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