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I just have to write and tell you about this... It's been about a month since the launch of the Short Sale Lead Generator Program. I've received so much Email about this site and what it is and what it does and... Finding leads requires that people (homeowners) can find you and find where you wan...
For the last several months I have been working on a new project aimed to combat all the BS about finding Short Sale leads on the Internet... I have to tell you - if you really want to pay someone for the leads that you need, be my guest, otherwise read on... If you want to create a LEAD SUCKING ...
Michael Hobach here with some really exciting news! I've been asked so many times in the last month for this that I just had to address it and make it happen... So many Realtors, Investors, and other Real Estate Professionals have been asking if they could sell or give away my 'Money Trouble Help...
A couple of weeks ago a crafty Internet Marketer published a report where it was announced that Land Trusts were dead!First let me state that I am not an Attorney, nor do I play one on TV. You should seek competent legal advice from a practicing Attorney in your area.Basically it stated that the ...
[Written from an Investor's standpoint] When was the last time a Realtor, that you know, has performed a short sale where they have requested a discount in excess of their commissions and covering closing costs?Why is it that most Realtors don't know or attempt to negotiate a bigger discount in a...
I have to be honest here - I am one of those people using the horizontal filing method in my office - how about you? Now I'm not proud of this, and only I can find the file that everyone else is looking for. This makes it difficult to run a business - any business...If you're like me, you probabl...
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I am about to release my latest e-book titled "Short Sales Exposed". This is a report that everyone needs to read before they even attempt to get involved in the mess that's out there now with the mortgage companies. Oh, I'm not telling you to stay away, but y...

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