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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.
Well, things have been busy here lately. I have gotten several leads on the Internet. I spend a good part of my day online. Doing online marketing. I have various websites, blogs, game sites and play areas. All geared towards Marketing. I have purchased a domain name through GoDaddy, their site h...
So, I view myself as a different sort of person. (I am waiting for the interesting comments this statement will bring) I have always loved writing and expressing myself through words. I know that most bloggers tend to blog about the market, life, experience and things that effect them in life....
Is there really a perfect Buyer? If you believe there is a perfect buyer, what (In your Opinion) makes the perfect Buyer? I think the perfect Buyer would be one who does not have a house to sell first, has a high credit rating with history to back it up, A Buyer that is not picky about which part...
So, originally I was going to NY for a Wedding. My Kids had taken a plane there the week before I drove up there. I left home on Thursday, July 3rd and took the long way through KY and saw a friend along the way and a Cousin I have not seen in 10 years. It was a nice visit. I continued on to NY a...
  It seems like just yesterday that I typed out my blog asking what everyone had planned for the 4th of July last year. I can tell you that I am now and always have been a very Patriotic person. I am pridefully teaching my children about the Flag, Patriotism and our US Military. In my mind they a...
Okay, So I live in Ocala and I drive around my community daily and see funny little things that catch my eye. For instance, On 17th Street (known for all the Professional offices and Banks) which also has single family homes and a Duck pond, well this duck pond happens to be kind of interesting i...
  Okay, so I went and met a Buyer at a home we have listed today. The Buyer's are a Husband and Wife, around early 20's, one baby boy that appeared to be about 11 months old. The Wife was pregnant with #2 and They are moving up here for South Florida in the next few months so she can begin Colleg...
So, I figured I would blog about this here since I share everything else. I was asked about allowing my kids (3 - Boy, Girl & Girl) to go to NY this summer (5 Weeks) for My Sister's Wedding and I will be driving up there in 8 days to see them and stay for a bit. They flew out by airplane this mor...
Okay, so the question of the hour is "Do you do e-mail campaigns?" I have done them for my previous Employer and I know they are very helpful, I am curious to know how many out there use them? Do you use a particular company, like Vertical Response? I have seen e-mails done with this Company and...
Okay, I do most of our online marketing for my "Teams" listings and I have to say that is one of the places I spend most of my time. My Team has the enhanced version of and I use it often. I even enhance Vacant land listings. Most people do not enhance these. Below are...

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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.