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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.
Anyone hold an Appreciation day for their Clients? I have heard about Movie days, where you rent out a Movie theater for the afternoon and play a new movie, ask the Clients to bring their kids, friends, family...anyone they know who can give them a referral. I have heard that it is a very product...
Just checing on everyone in Central FL on here, check in and let us know that you are okay. I hope no one was Hurt During the storm, I live in Ocala and it was a bad night but luckily we only lost a few shingles from our roof and our Lawn chairs got tossed around but otherwise we are perfectly fi...
Okay, I have been UNDER the weather for a couple days and it got me to thinking. What do you do for Health Insurance? I am lucky right now I have health insurance through the State of Florida but I know one day I will need to shop for myself, Where do you get your Health insurance? Please link me...
So I took a LEAP Training class last week, During that class I got the idea to track every lead that had come in for the month of January and continue this practice for the year, On a Month by Month basis. I was completely shocked by the Percentage of Leads that came from the Internet. I know I a...
  Okay, I have heard about these a lot in the last few months, what is a Virtual Assistant? What do they do and How do they get paid? Do you use a Virtual Assistant? If you do, where did you get yours from, what website? DO Virtual Assistants go to school to be one? If you do not use a Virtual As...
   Okay, this seems to be the perfect day to talk about Vacations. It is Cold and Rainy here in Ocala :( So, do you plan for a vacation yearly? How do you handle your Business while you are on vacation? Do you have any Vacation Rules, like no cellphones? Do you go to the same place every year, do...
Okay, for those of you that have not realized this, if I ask a question on AR it is likely because I am dealing with this subject in my "Real" life. I have found that AR is the best place for me to ask a question and get so many ways to deal with a problem or learn something that I did not know. ...
  I think maybe Someone is trying to tell me that they don't like my "MUG" I logged on to AR this morning and my Profile Pic was missing..LOL - Come on, you can break it to me, was my picture scaring people away from AR?? LOLOn a serious note, Search engine optimization, What is it? Do you maximi...
Okay I have a couple Newbie questions,1. When you mark someone as an Associate, how come it does not add to the number of associates you have? Am I doing it wrong? If I click on associates on the left column, I see all the people I added but my number only says 7. 2. How come if I search for a pa...
Okay, Here is my question for today, Do you work out of your office or do you work from home? I have three children and I can tell you that I would love to work from home, it seems it would make things much easier not to mention the Kids would love it if I was at home full time. It would also sav...

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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.