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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.
  Okay.....for the last two days I have begun to have Withdrawal symptoms..For those of you who have never been through withdrawals, they are as follows...1. Anxiety2. hair pulling tendencies3. sweats4. irritability5. sweaty palms6. constantly checking the website to see if it is up again7. resta...
  I went to a Three Day Seminar in Orlando for Richard Robbins, I have mentioned it before and I figured I would tell you all about it. The first day I felt like a complete idiot, They blast very loud music and make you get up every hour or so and give each other hi 5's and shake stranger's hand ...
   So I tried several times this morning to write a Blog with my questions of the day but I kept getting an error message, is anyone else getting the same message or is it just ME? Is it possible that I have overloaded AR's servers with all my questions?? LOL I hope not cause I still have a bunch...
  Okay, tell me...Do you pre-Aprove your Buyers before you take them out to showings? How much information do you take from your Buyers before you go showing? If you don't do anything with your Buyer's before you show, please tell me that as well. I also have a question, if you get a call from a ...
   Okay, This is something I have discussed with Kelly off and on for about three or four weeks now. We need a really good Virtual Tour Program that is capable of making both Branded and Unbranded Virtual Tours. We are looking for a Program that will not break us but at the same time produce qual...
  What are your thoughts about Open Houses? I know that not all Realtors do Open houses. What are the Benefits? If you do hold Open houses what do you do to make yours stand out from the competition? Do you bring someone with you when you hold a Open House for Safety? Do you make flyers to hand o...
 Why did you become a Realtor, I know a bunch of you probably have already answered this question, if you have a Blog, please link us to it. I love reading these kinds of stories. Now I want to know why you STAY a Realtor? I became a Realtor, as I said before because I was working "Behind" the sc...
   Okay, I want to be inspired. Everyone in every profession has at one point or another been touched by a Client, a Situation, A Sale.....I love the Chicken Soup Books, they warm my heart, tell me about one of your most memorable Sales, maybe it was a client that surprised you, another Realtor w...
   OKAY, so all this talk about Customer Databases got me thinking about Contract and form programs, Web based or Actual Programs. I have seen Formulator, that is what my Team uses, It seems pretty good but a little expensive for new Agents, Anyone know of any programs out there less expensive or...
  Okay, I have heard all about commission and how to be flexible, I have had several Agents tell me they REFUSE to lower their Commission, My Question is: When do you Lower your Commission? If you personally NEVER lower , your Commission, please explain to me why you have come to this decision. I...

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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.