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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.
   Okay, I know about Top Producer because my Team uses that one currently, I am looking to see which programs are out there to compete with Top Producer, Anyone know of any programs that are better? More User friendly? How about less expensive? When you do settle on your customer Database progra...
   Okay, so you have showed <-- Nice Grammer there, I meant SHOWN 50 million houses and you have sores on the bottom of your feet from walking for miles. You are preparing for the Closing, You want to make it special so you _______________________ Please finish this sentence for me. I have never ...
   Okay, every Realtor had to start from the beginning, before they made that first Commission, before anyone had ever heard their name, seen their picture, picked up their card. What Frugal tips can you give other New Realtors to help them not BREAK the Bank Before they MAKE the bank? I want to ...
Okay, as you all know by now, I am the NEWBIE on the block and I am exploring everything associated with this business. I think I may end up bugging you kind people with one blog question a day, til you all Vote me out that is ;) So give me some of your Companies rules for Listing Appointment / S...
Okay, I like to learn from real life experiences and so with that being said I will pose this question here, When do you turn down a listing? For instance, if a Seller is trying to sell a 3/2/2 that has 1200 Living Sq. Ft and wants to sell it for 300,000 in a neighborhood that has nothing priced ...
Okay, here is a new question from the newbie :) We are currently marketing a New Race Track / Equine community and are thinking about whether or not to Market overseas. Do any of you "Seasoned Rainies" ;) Know of any Overseas Real Estate E-mail marketing tools? Boy, that was a mouthful, try sayin...
When Marketing a listing, how do you decide which way to go? Is Internet the best way to go or Is Print Ads always required? My Team currently uses both but mostly Print Ads, I am pretty Internet savy so I think that Internet Ads are very important, Any Print Ads better then others? Which Interne...
Okay, so....Here we are in 2007. Normally I do not make resolutions but I figured I would change that, maybe I can make my Year GREAT if I make some resolutions, or I could make myself crazy with my Okay, I guess I could be my own Lab rat and see if things work out for me and t...
Recently I went to a Seminar presented by Richard Robbins, He was excellant by the way. I left there feeling like I could do aything. His company offered Coaching and it was a bit expensive, I would have loved to do it but it is definitely NOT in my budget yet. There were a bunch of people that d...
Okay, here is another question from the Newbie ;) Tell me if I am getting annoying All you seasoned Realtors out there, Do you prefer to work for the Buyers or The Sellers? I hear alot, get the listings, the Buyers will come, is this true?

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This is a place I can come and share my experiences as a Full time Realtor in this crazy Real Estate World and hopefully get some feedback from others on how to succeed.